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    Default WHY info was not denied in this case ??

    WHY info was not denied in this case ??

    CBI is exempted organization under sec.24 even the appeal was allowed. Although its not clear from reading decision that application was filed before inclusion of CBI in exempted org. list OR ??

    The Appellant had sought a number of information relating to the
    complaints received in the CBI against the Supreme Court and High Court
    judges including the copies of all related documents. The CPIO had provided
    some information about the status of the complaints received against some
    judges including the then Chief Justice of India and had stated that except for
    the complaints against the Chief Justice of India, the rest had been examined
    and closed as nothing substantial was found in those. As far as the complaints
    against the then Chief Justice of India are concerned, the CPIO had informed
    that those had been forwarded to the various branches of the CBI for taking
    necessary action. The Appellate Authority had endorsed the information
    provided by the CPIO.

    4. During the hearing, the Appellant submitted that the CPIO should have
    also provided the copies of the related documents. He also wanted to know
    about the action which was eventually taken by the various branches to which
    the complaints against the then Chief Justice had been forwarded.

    5. After carefully considering the above, we find no reason why such
    information should not be disclosed. Therefore, we now direct the CPIO to
    provide to the Appellant within 10 working days of receiving this order the
    photocopies of the file noting relating to the examination of the complaints
    against some of the judges and the decision to close those complaints, as
    claimed by the CPIO in his reply. In respect of the complaints against the then
    Chief Justice of India, we direct the CPIO either to collect the information from
    their respective branches and inform the Appellant about the status of those
    complaints at present or transfer the RTI requests to the CPIOs of the relevant
    branches to respond to the Appellant directly within the same period of 10
    working days of receiving this order, clearly stating the present status of those
    complaints. The CPIO concerned in each of these cases is also directed to
    forward to the Appellant the photocopies of all relevant documents generated in
    this regard, such as, the file noting and correspondence, if any. All these would
    be provided to the Appellant free of charge.


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    Default Re: WHY info was not denied in this case ??


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    Sarbajit Roy
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    Default Re: WHY info was not denied in this case ??

    Must be an old appeal filed before CBI was notified.


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