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    Nitin Kuchhal
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    Default Interstate Car Transfer Process

    Recently I relocated to Delhi NCR permanently. I have 3+ years old car for which I have taken a NOC from Bangalore RTO.

    Now I want to understand what is exact process so that I do not face Traffic Cops' torture.

    As far as I understand from various forums, I can do the following:
    Option 1:

    1. Pay Road Tax in trasfered State RTO (here Muzaffarnagar, UP)
    2. Apply for the refund from Bangalore RTO
    3. Use the car for next 1 year (from NOC date) without having to re-register the car in UP
    4. Post 1 year of NOC, I HAVE to re-register the car in UP with UP Registration number.

    Option 2:

    1. Pay the Road Tax & Re-register the car straight away
    2. Apply for the refund from Bangalore RTO

    Is this process correct, or, are there any corrections ?

    Apart from this, what else should one know to follow this process for any state & vehicle ?

    I really am hunting for some answers, as people around dont seem to know much. Thus would really appreciate some help.



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    Default Re: Interstate Car Transfer Process


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