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Thread: Provide details of 1981 Rohini residential scheme, CIC tells DDA

  1. Provide details of 1981 Rohini residential scheme, CIC tells DDA

    New Delhi, July 30: The Central Information Commission has directed the DDA to make available all files and documents related to the Rohini Residential Scheme of 1981 for inspection.

    Taking the development body to task for refusing information to an RTI applicant, the panel has directed the heads of the Planning, Engineering and Land Management Departments to provide relevant information to the applicants by September 14, 2007.

    Since there is a “large public interest involved, the DDA Vice-Chairman should ensure that the required information is timely imparted”, the Commission said.

    The CIC’s directive came after Rajiv Sapra, a family friend of Naresh Chand—one of the applicants to the scheme—filed an RTI application in November last year.

    Speaking to Newsline, Rajiv Sapra said he sought the status of the scheme 26 years after it was announced. “I wanted to know how long it would take the DDA to give plots to the applicants...also, whether the DDA had acquired the land from farmers...if so, at what price.”

    DDA officials, however, told Sapra that he could not get the information as he was not an applicant himself.

    His subsequent appeal for review of the scheme’s ‘master file’ too was rejected and Sapra was told that “there is no ‘master file’”.

    Sapra then approached the CIC, which declared that the information was “general in nature relating to land acquisition and its utility in Rohini”. It criticised the DDA’s casual attitude and said the information should not have been refused in the first instance itself.

    The order directs the heads of the various departments to go through Sapra’s application and make all files and documents related to the scheme available for inspection.

    The order states that the heads of departments should appoint an officer to guide Sapra through the records and help him get the information.

    The Commission noted that the original application had been directed to the Planning Department, and said that “had the Department addressed the application, perhaps most of the queries would have been answered”.

    It noted that they (planning department) marked the application in a casual manner to another department, the OSD (Residential Land).

    “Most of the 25,000 waiting applicants of the Rohini scheme are quite old and don’t have the energy to run around. The DDA has not given us our plots, and has held back information. Now, once we get to inspect the files, we’ll know it has not been able to execute the scheme even after two-and-a-half decades,” said Rahul Gupta, another applicant.

    Provide details of 1981 Rohini residential scheme, CIC tells DDA

  2. Re: Provide details of 1981 Rohini residential scheme, CIC tells DDA

    Do we have any update on this?

  3. Re: Provide details of 1981 Rohini residential scheme, CIC tells DDA

    If you are from Delhi, please get in touch with the RTI applicant Shri Rajiv Sapra and report to us the developments. So far I haven't come across any subsequent press report on this matter.
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    DDA plot of Rohini scheme 1981

    Dera sir/ Madam

    I understand that DDA has allotted the land acquired for the housing of 1981 allottes to the Societies who came into picture after wards, The alloottment price was 200/- sq. mtr and the applicants has deposited almost 30% of the Price as applicants mony. More 28 yers have passed DDA is not alloting or giving the possession of the Lamd Prices of Land has also gone many times higher than the original price, Who is responsible for this cheating with the allottees.



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    Re: Provide details of 1981 Rohini residential scheme, CIC tells DDA

    Dear sir / Thanks for providing the informetion

    I am an applicants and alltee of the Rohini scheme having Prioriy nos 1196 more than 28 years have passed and have retired asnd am still looking for a piece of land . I wonder DDA oculd not provide 50 Plots a year How the ace developing agency can survve .

    More over over the year the Prices have risen to many folds . Initially this was alloted at Rs. 200 per sq. Mtr. almost 30% of the money has been taken as advence . Who will bear the cost since DDA has cheated the Alltees and granted the Land to Hosing socities , I feel The money shall be Payable by illegal users / or DDA officials who had illegaly transferd the said Land to Housing societies.

    I need somebody shall make ajoint forum and take up the said cae in the court of Law/ Vigilance Department/ CVC for gross injustice to the allottes who are waiting for such a long . I even understand that DDA is auctioning some of the Plots at higher cost which is illegal and cheating withe existing registerd allottes.

    More over if they can not provide land to the allottes they sahll give an option and shall award the Flats on priority basis to the 1981 registered allottes.

    I nee d afrank and judicious opinion on this issue , I have retired and am still waiting for the Plots.


  6. Re: Provide details of 1981 Rohini residential scheme, CIC tells DDA

    Hello Mukesh

    Flats have no place in the Rohini Residential Scheme 1981. Why to think on those lines? our demand is only for the plots for the areas for which we have applied in 1981 at the prevailing rates at that time. So please don't mix up or create the new issues. Our stand is very clear and it is only for the plots. DDA has cheated us and they have minted crores of rupees by auctioning the land developed with our money. They should even compensate the cost of construction also.

    Baldev Krishan Bajaj


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