MUMBAI: Every monsoon, students occupying the ground floor of the Marol-Manpa Shala, situated behind the Marol fire brigade, have to be shifted to the first floor as chest-deep water enters the school premises.

The BMC-run school, also known as the Marol Municipal Primary and Secondary School, is one of the few remaining institutions in the city which teaches in four mediums—Marathi, Urdu, Kannada and Gujarati—till Std VII. The school has 3,527 students and 104 teachers.

The four-storey structure is falling apart on all sides. The sewage pipes are broken and open directly into the school compound. "The concrete parapets break and fall every now and then," said one of the non-teaching employees at the school.

The reply to Amreliwala's RTI query has revealed that no repairs have been done on the school for the past 30 years. "Std I students do not even have benches and desks. They have to sit on the floor in the classroom," said a teacher. The main problem that leads to the water-logging is that the school is on a much lower level than its surroundings. "The residential areas around the school have raised their ground levels, while the school hasn't done anything. So, rainwater pours into the school from all sides," a teacher said. s a result, the school has to shut its doors for weeks following any burst of heavy rainfall.

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