AHMEDABAD: Learn while you do! This has almost taken the shape of a full time subject for the students of the National Law University, Gandhinagar. While they are learning, they make it a point to do something for the community as well.

Students of the National Law University have formed a legal service cell under which 27 students and nine faculty members come together to educate people in the nearby rural areas about Right To Information Act and their other basic legal rights. The cell was formally inaugurated on July 17. It also assists the people in need of legal advice.

Avnish Bhagi, a faculty member and convenor of the cell, said, “The main reason behind setting up this cell was to give the students a chance to get hands-on experience of how to consult people and sensitise our students on the problems that the public faces.” Besides, the people who are still waiting for justice get a free consultancy service

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