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Thread: Bhart Gas booking period

  1. Bhart Gas booking period

    Hi All,

    Is there prescribe notice from the BPCL for booking a gas cyliner after the 21 days of the delivery of the gas cyliner.

    The staff of the gas agencey informed that one can book the gas cylinder only after the 21 days after the gas cylinder delivered.

    If yes, Kindly provide the the details for it.


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    Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    during the shortage period that order was issued.

    now this is not applicable .

    for more detials contact Bharat petroleum on following address

    Shri. Vinod Giri,
    General Manager (Marketing Corporate)
    Bharat Bhavan,
    4 & 6 Currimbhoy Road,
    Ballard Estate,
    Mumbai 400 001,

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    M. Faiyazuddin
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    Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    Mr. Khan , please tell the latest position.

  4. Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    [quote=freedomismybirthright;44528]Hi All,

    Mr. Khan thank you for your valuable reply.

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    Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    As of date my Bharat Gas distributor in Bangalore will only take a new refill booking 30 days after of the delivery of the prior gas cylinder. They also deliver at least 10 days after booking. They are saying that there is acute shortage of domestic LPG/cooking gas supply in Bangalore, as a reason.

    How can I use RTI for this issue ?

    Bharat Gas Agency Details:
    Telephone : 26784411 /26784422/ 41202202/41202101
    Contact Person: Chetan Prakash
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  6. Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    Can you try this link Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited-LPG Products-E-Bharat Gas

    Sounds very promising. It says you can book your cylinder online. It also says that they have started b2c (business to consumer) services, what that means is that the company will directly serve the consumer bypassing the dealer or distributor.

    I have copy/pasted below an excerpt from their website:

    Bharatgas Online Customer Service is a B2C (Business to Consumer) initiative launched by BPCL in order to provide a direct channel for Bharatgas customers to interact with BPCL. The Online Customer Service facility can be accessed through our web-site Welcome to Bharatgas Online Customer Service.

    The Online Customer Service permits the Bharatgas Customer, at registration, to create his / her own Login ID and Password, which will enable him / her to interact online and access information in a secure environment and avail of the following facilities :

    * Place an order for refill cylinder ONLINE
    * Suggest the preferred day and / or time of refill delivery
    * View Refill Order Status/Brief History
    * Avail of the Reminder Service
    * Participate in Contests / Promotions as and when organized on the site
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    Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    I have tried Bharatgas Website - made a couple of online bookings. I showed the printout/ref numbers of the online bookings, but dealer said that their system is not integrated and consumers should call the dealership/SMS to a dealer's number for refills. If called before 30 days, dealer refuses to book and/or ignores SMS booking requests. The website is good but not useable, it's a pity (and shame) !

    btw...try calling the numbers listed on Bangalore Customer Relations Center - keeps ringing until u get disconnected!! I doubt if they are even attended...

    Here are the numbers:
    Bharatgas CRC,
    Bharat Petroleum Corpn.Ltd.,
    Trinity, 7th floor,
    M.G. Road,
    Bangalore-560 001.
    Phone no - 080 22975459 / 22975483
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    ashish.tiwari Guest

    Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    Bharat Gas complaint system is really really very good. I have used it to complaint 3 times and I got cylinder in 3-4 hrs to 2 days. all times it was already 3+ weeks past since the new refill booking. Once the agent was doing "today-tomorrow" for 10 days, I got freaked out (my agency was changed) and made an online complaint. I got it delivered by 8 PM same day on Saturday. Notto forget these are a freak city Bangalore, whose all agents are just involved in making money. Keep the shops open from 10 to 5 (It should be 8 to 8) and never pick up call/ always busy.

    If you already have a ebharatgas account it is better, else you can follow the link.

    Trust me guys, the lonline complaint system so good that we don't even need to use RTI. I got the emergency number updated on the site by logging compnaitn and they were pretty prompt.

    After loggin (though not necessary), click on "Talk to Us" in the bottom. Select feedback type as complaint and give all details of the problem you are facing.

    Give a good history of the problem and these guys will take action if a particular agency has more numbers of complaint. You get automated emails and the Vigilance Dept sends email to the Agency keeping you in CC.

    It has worked for me to get refills in 2 days maximum after complaints not once but thrice.

    You can get the numbers of Customer care Center here.

  9. Re: Bhart Gas booking period

    Ashish ji

    I have already placed these queries for which i have not met with any answer till date

    1. Asked for the certified copies of the citizenís charter or any customer service obligations under which gas cylinders should be delivered to consumers within a specified number of days by any agency after booking.

    2. is there any rule prescribed to regulate the frequency of gas cylinder issue.

    3. Is that frequency counted from the date of booking or date of delivery of the cylinder to the customer.

    If u have some more information concerning the same issue, please share here as it will be of great help.


  10. how many days for booking a cooking gas cylinder

    we are customers of bharat petroleum and hindustan petroleum , what are the no of days to book a cylinder when you receive it on a particular day

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