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    Default How to know latest land registration

    Hello i am chandu,

    I need small favour could you please help. Initially land (cultivated land)registered with my brother in law. One year back, he was met an accident and he is no more with us. We are suspecting that this land recently registered on his mother and some other relatives name.

    How to know present status of this land, i mean weather any registration transfer done or not. Please suggest how to know present status of land. We have passbook withus.


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    Default Re: How to know latest land registration

    You may contact the land registery office of your area and pay a fees to get the land searched on the basis of the DAG NO of the land. In a similar case I have sent an application under RTI recently to my local municipality to get the details of mutation and land owners details. Awaiting answer.

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    Default Re: How to know latest land registration

    Since yours is agricultural land, ask for latest land extracts No. 7 x 12, 8A amd 6 from PIO, Mamlatdar Office of your village taluka. Pl file application in the name of one of heirs of the deceased and state in the RTI appln that applicant is heir of the deceased whose land extracts are applied for hereabove. Pl give survey No. or location etc of the land in the appln.
    U have to follow RTI Rules of your state for format of RTI appln and filing fee payment. These are available state-wise at Right to Information Act (India) and at http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/groups/

    Above 3 land extracts will reveal upto date history and present ownership of land.

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    Default Re: How to know latest land registration

    Dear Chandu
    Plz apply for encumbrance certificate from Local Sub Registrar office by providing details of the land like survey number, extent and period of search. After getting encumbrance certificate you will know to whom the land has been registered, when it was registered and for what rate it got registered. In the same you also get to know the document number. Apply for certified copy for that document.
    Later you can go to Mamlatdar office for up gradation revenue land records.

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    Default Re: How to know latest land registration

    Refer post 4, and that EC (Encumbrance Certificate) will give a basic picture of the land in A.P.. Next you can proceed according to Sri.jp shah post 3. Regards.

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    Default Re: How to know latest land registration

    Hi Guys, Thank you very much for your quick reply.

    Shall i approach local MRO office for EC. I think they will provide latest lnformation. If they didn't provide land information to whom we have to approach further.

    Why because i am suspecting that MRO taken some money ( luncham) and changed documents. If this is the case i won't get proper information from MRO office. So, how to procedded further.

    Thanks you very much.


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    Default Re: How to know latest land registration

    Yes It is MRO office. RI/VO will issue the EC. This site is restricted to RTI subject/discussions only. For more information please visit our sister website www.bighelpers.org/forum. Regards.

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    Default How to search a land registration with the name

    Hi This is Ravi.

    My father bought a land in Ongole before he was alive i.e. before 1999. he was expired in the year 1999. No one of our family aware of this. Recently we came to know that we have a land in Ongole. So how to know that land details. Is it possible to get that land details with my fathers name. Even we dont have any papers regarding that land. We dont know any servey numbers.

    Please help me in this.

    Yours Faithful

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