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Thread: Voter ID Status

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    Voter ID Status

    I have applied for Voter ID about 3 months back in Delhi, when the process of ID was going on. Please advice if there is any way to check status for same.


    Gaurav Chopra

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Voter ID Status

    You can file a RTI Application to check the status with the CPIO in the office of the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of your area - the same office where you applied for your Voter ID Card.

    The RTI application has to as per the Central RTI Rules and Fees. These are available in the Guide Segment of the portal: RTI Guide

    Please read the useful articles in the Guide segment which will help you in drafting a RTI application, submitting it, etc. Please also see the links under the "All about RTI" icon on the home page.
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    this is khatija .....i wanted to know the status of my voting id as i had applied for it long back .......and wanted to know from where can i collect it

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    Dear Khatija

    Please see post # 2 (above)


  5. regarding voter id card

    Hi.I applied for the voter's id card in 2008 and still i havent received it. i need help and wanted to know what should i do.

  6. Re: Voter ID Status

    Gaurav, please refer to the reply of Karira in post # 2 here.
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    Voter ID Card Status

    Hello Everyone,
    My Father had applied for Voter ID card. Although my Father & my Mother got theirs, Me & my sister are still waiting for ours. When my father went to the place where he had applied they said they didn't know anything. Where am i suppose to find out what happened to my application & how come my parents got theirs & we didn't?
    Can anyone help me where can i know the status?

  8. Re: Voter ID Status

    Dear Karan

    Please refer post # 2


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