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Thread: Names in Voter list

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    Names in Voter list

    I was quite taken aback when I went to check whether names of my family members are there in the list, there was none in the MRO office to guide me. Is it the way the Govt.Office work in India?

    In the last general election we voted but to our suprise our names are not there and we have re-register as new voter.Where are the names gone?

    Can anybody help me in this regard.

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    Re: Names in Voter list

    Hello! Mr.Subramanyam, Welcome to RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information. This must have occurred due to enumerator/census office mistake (intentional/unintentional).
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    Atul Patankar
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    Re: Names in Voter list

    Quote Originally Posted by subbu2602 View Post
    In the last general election we voted but to our suprise our names are not there and we have re-register as new voter.
    Well, you are not alone. Your experience is shared by many accross country, where whole buildings and localities disappear. I like to believe that it is a 'clerical error' and that there no system in the madness.

    This is a good opportunity to use RTI and make the system accountable. You can ask something like this to Election Officer of your area.

    1. Was my name included in the old list as XXX constituency, voting centre no AAA list no BBB serial no CCC as per lists used in the election held in _____
    2. Please inform me the list number and serial number at which my name appears in the current voter list
    3. If my name does not appear in the current list, please give a CERTIFIED photocopy of the application for removal of my name from the voter list received from me OR ANY OTHER PERSON
    4. If such application was received from a person other than me, please explain the procedure by which my consent/ objection for such removal was recorded
    5. If no such application was received view, please explain the document/ rule, depending on which you have removed my name from the list
    6. If my name was included in the list earlier, and was removed without proper procedure, please inform me the name, address, and designation of officer responsible for such removal
    7. Please inform me the action that has been taken against officer responsible for removing my name from voter list without proper procedure. If no action has been taken, please inform the date by which such action will be taken.
    You may submit seperate applications for all your family members/ friends who find themself in such situation.

    Pleae go thru RTI guide section at the bottom of this page to acquaint yourselves with rules and recommendedpractices followed while making applications under RTI. You may upload your draft application, and expert members here will guide you to correct the same.

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    Name is not there in voter list

    Hi all,

    Today we could not cast our vote in Mumbai, as our name was not there in the voter list. Although we are having voter identity card and last time we casted our vote.

    How to resolve this problem so that next time we do not face this problem.

  5. Re: Name is not there in voter list

    Please see this thread where a similar query has been answered:
    That should answer your concern. Feel free to revert in case of further queries.


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