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Thread: Rules & regulations for parking in open space in apartments

  1. Default Rules & regulations for parking in open space in apartments

    I had purchased a flat(FG-6) on ground floor in Margao, Goa 4yrs back. There is a open space of 7-8mts between building & garden (as shown in pink in attached doc.) which I was using for parking my car. Recently some owners in our apartment (who voluntarily looking after maintenance of the building as builder has not formed society) has blocked the entry(as shown in red arrow) for four wheelers into that open space as builder has put tiles into it which may get damaged due to the load of the vehicle. Also they want to use that space for their children to play.

    I would like to know that is it legal? If no, how to tackle this issue?

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    dear rakeshji,

    welcome to the portal

    to start with, as the name of commune living suggests, it is basically supposed to be CO-OPERATIVE-SOCIETY. hence all the issues are expected to be settled in mutual consent, and with each others co-operation.

    as concerns the parking of cars, legally, no approval for any building can be obtained, till you explicitly indicate some space for car-parking in the approval drawing. the norms differ from place to place, based on several factors like usage, area, zone etc.

    best thing would be that you take out your ownership file, and take a look at the copy of the approved plan (which must have been annexed as the supporting document), and check where CAR PARKING is indicated in the approvals. the rest will be easy.

    hope that helps.

    just in case you are not in possession of the approval drawings, you can check it out in the files of the co-owners of your building. if the builder has not provided anybody with the copy of the approval drawing, we will have to think of ways we can get that...

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    sir,RTI means getting information in the interest of himself as well as general public.So the information if related to general public be forwarded to the concerned Deptt.or take action in the interest of public.Taking good food is useless if not digested.

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    Rules regarding Co-operattive residentional Societies.

    The rules are there as long as the society is on paper and governed by the Registrar of societies.when it comes in existence only the few people
    run the society as they desire.Moreover funds are collected just to use it ,legally or not ,without any annual audit .

    The Saket Kunj Co operative Society ,Sec-9,Rohini DELHI-85, can be the
    good example of above statement ,the parallel Saket Kunj Residents Welfare Association,running with above properties.So only few can decide the rule of parking of vehcles in open space.RTI can reveal the facts.
    Thank You.


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