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Thread: parking in residential areas delhi

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    parking in residential areas delhi

    I would like to know if there are well defined rules for car parking in delhi. One of the residents in my colony is parking car by the side wall of my flat. My flat is on first floor and he parks car by the side of the support wall of my balcony. We have to be careful all the time that as maid washes utensils there.Logically one should park car by the sidewall of his own apartment. We have requested him many times but its been futile. pls advise...thanks

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    Re: parking in residential areas delhi

    Dear Madam -Within the blocks there is severely limited parking space and a large chunk of that too, in most of the cases,has been utilised to create a green patch surrounded by a thick solid brick wall boundary on which solid iron-grills are mounted. Of course this is got done by the M.C.D. counseller of the area to spend allocated funds in some easy to execute projects like raising boundary wall around the green patch which is more in the nature of a show-piece created to impress the visitors by the pseaudo- environmantalists of the so-called "Residents' Welfare Associations" or "Working-groups" which are generally unregistered units accountable to none manned by some politically-enabled residents of the block or colony, even when sprawling neighbourhood parks are just a few steps away. So parking becomes a huge problem. I have highlighted this issue in a blogpost at my blog "SANJOG MAHESHWARI". You can't deny your neighbour a parking space if the slot located right below your balcony happens to be vacant at the time he decides to park his car there. Sorry for all these sorry state of affairs.-SANJOG MAHESHWARI

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    pls. tell us what is the parameter or rules in houses residential area parking mcd rule and mcd how many cars allow a house ,

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    Re: parking in residential areas delhi

    As of now there are no such rules nor there can be any for the simple reason that within the residential blocks there is such a severely stiffing space crunch that any rule regulating parking in them will be observed only in its breach. There is absolutely no alternative except to convert the parks within the blocks and elsewhere into parking lots and that has to be done urgently. The problem is becoming graver by the day as the city swarms with about 1500 new cars a day. My blog post on my blog has more details -SANJOG MAHESHWARI

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    What are Car parking rules in residential area in delhi or boundary for car parking in residential area

    What are rules in residential area ? Can i park my car anywhere in my street along the wall me park in front of my house or only in front me my house

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    Laxmi Narayan Khandual
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    Re: What are Car parking rules in residential area in delhi or boundary for car parking in residential area

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