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    Default Bharat Gas New Connection!!!

    HI all Friends,
    i have to apply for new connection of Bharat Gas.
    Now i got new connection , but Dealer want the payment more than original.
    He add some extra for personal adjustment.
    So now, what i can do? and what is the original price for new connection?
    Plz.. tell me.


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    Rajpal Singh, in this portal we focus on the RTI Act only. For help on other social issues, please visit our sister-portal We already have some interesting discussions on similar gas connection problems at BigHelpers.

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    Post regarding new LPG Domestic connection

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know about the new LPG Domestic connection rate of bharat gas....

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    Default Re: Bharat Gas New Connection!!!

    Dear Member

    You may contact concerned LPG distribution company for this.


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