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Thread: vehicle details

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    Default vehicle details

    i have not found many vehicle details (new reg in the kerala motor vehicle dept: site. pls help me

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    Default Re: vehicle details

    Rajiv ji

    welcome to RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information

    Please note that we (http://www.rtiindia.org/) are a discussion forum for the RTI Act 2005.

    if u have reg. no. & chasis no. of any vehicle, u can see all details here: .: Kerala Motor Vehicles Department :. REGISTRATION DETAILS

    what else u need. please share the details so members could be able to help u in better way.


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    Default Re: vehicle details

    thank you ambrish

    may be the site was not updated

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    Default Re: vehicle details

    the vehicle i was looking was under tripunithura SRTO Kl-39-B-*******

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    Default Re: vehicle details


    This portal does not provide information of a general nature sought by you.
    We can only help you in using the RTI Act correctly and effectively to get the information you are seeking.

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default Re: vehicle details

    thankyou karira . i joined this group yesterday. again thankyou for yoour advice

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    Default address of the vehicle no

    Please show the address of a vehicle. Registration number is KL- XXXX

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    Default Re: vehicle details

    Dear Anurag

    Please refer post # 5



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