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    Default Passport Address Verification problem with the Police

    I had applied for re-issue of passport along with address change through tatkal.
    I have received my new passport. After two weeks of receiving the passport, the police officer came to my place for address verification and asked me to come to the police station. When I went there, he is asking me to submit proof of residence in this address from 2008. In 2008 all my relevant bills and statements had been directed to my office address. Only recently in 2009 I have changed all these addresses to my present residence. So I do not have any proof that I am residing from 2008. While applying for passport re-issue I had submited a letter from my bank stating my present address. But there is no mention in the letter as to from when I am residing there. The passport office accepted this letter and had no problem in issuing the passport. But the police officer is not accepting this letter.

    1. So what can I do now ?
    2. Is this proof really needed or is he just harassing me ?
    3. Does the police officer have any power to cancel my passport ?

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    Default Re: Passport Address Verification problem with the Police

    This portal is only meant for discussing issues related to the RTI Act 2005.
    For help and guidance in other general matters, please visit our sister website:

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