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Thread: help regarding my transfer

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    help regarding my transfer

    i am a railway employee & working at Nagpur & I had already applied for transfer on request to my home town i.e., Hyderabad in Dec 2004 but it is still pending . I have approached my officials in person but in vain . Hence I would like to mail a request to some minister who can help me in this matter , or guide me how to proceed

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    If railway is not following service rules relating to transfers or transfer policy etc, then u can invoke RTI. Instead of Minister, pl represent to higher officials through proper channel. Approach your union to help U. Transfer is not matter of right but purely administratiave decision as per policy of the railways or any other govt organisation.

    Pl also visit ALL ABOUT RTI and SUCCESS STORIES on home page. Your half an hour daily-15 hours a month for RTI will make huge difference in the way we are governed and treated by govt offices. In democracy numbers matter. Let law abiding citizens unite for REAL SWARAJ THROUGH RTI.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    my on request transfer

    I have received ur reply , & thank u for responding
    in ur reply u have advised me to approach my higher authorities but the fact is that I had already approached the higher authorities but there was no response , every one says that they will look in to the matter but it is already about 4years 6 months i have applied but no response from higher authorities .
    please advise me how to proceed so that I can get myself transferred to my home town.I have also tried for mutual but there is no person ready to get mutually transferred to my work place
    Please do the need ful

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    Re: help regarding my transfer

    dear sir .

    transfer from one state to other state involves so many higher offices of both the states .

    it appears to me that you made one application 4 years back and after that you are following the matter with officers orally .

    please keep writing to your officers instead oral requests .
    make a fresh application and follow it properly.
    aggrissiveness works some times but being polite works many times.

    Earn goodwill of your higher officers through your good work . no one helps if you are not in their good books .

    Finally , you are not anybody's slave . fight for your rights under railway rules.


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