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    Default About population of Mumbai

    Hello all,
    What should I do if I want to find out about the population projection of Mumbai in 2009 and the number of slum population in Mumbai as of the year 2009?

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    Default Re: About population of Mumbai

    If you want population as per last census, you can approach MCGM and you will get the information without much trouble. You may also get the info online at Welcome to the Website on Census of India.

    Population projection is, however, tricky. Unless we can establish that an authority has made projections and relied upon them for decision making, it will be an 'opinion' which is not covered by the definition of information under RTI Act.

    Slum population is also difficult but we have specific departments in MCGM and Maharashtra Government for rehabilitation of people in slums. Therefore, you may approach these and find out if they have any actual data/ projections.

    There is every chance the SRA authority, MMRDA, MCGM, Maharashtra government zopadpatti nirmulan vibhag etc will give you different definition of slum, different period for which they have actual data, different methodology to make projections, etc etc.

    The information you want is so politically combustible, you are not likely to get an answer easily. However, it will be an interesting to see how each organisation behaves when faced with a simple (!) question.

    If you plan to use RTI act to get this information, please go thru RTI Guide to learn the technicalities of paying RTI fee, finding the relevent PIO, etc.

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    Default Re: About population of Mumbai

    Thanks for the info., but as you mentioned, I'll probably have to check elsewhere now!


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