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Thread: Pending Court Case Status

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    I have a pending case in the High Court of AP; and my advocate has been giving me reasons, that our case is not listed or sometimes he says it has not reached the bench; this is going ON for the past 12 months; It is a Appeal only in the High Court of AP; due to mis-interpretation and misrepresentation of my case in the lower court (City Civil Courts); Is there is any way I can find out the status of my court case at the High Court.

    I visit their web-site (NIC-HC Case Status) and could not able to get much information other than the case was suppose to be taken up on a date which is already passed due.

    It is a simple case of Non-payment of Rents and the other party (my tenant) is already defaulting on payments for past 4 years. The case is being handled by my advocate for about 7 years now. I am fed up with the delays.

    Any guidance will be of immense help to assess the situation.

    Many thanks.

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    You can ask through RTI simply giving your case no. But you have to wait at least one month. Otherwise you can go personally to the court and inquire . I think your Advocate is not serious about your case.

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    Re: Pending Court Case Status

    dilip ji is right when he says that the lawyer is not serious in you case. You can file application under RTI Act to the PIO of High Court to know the status of your case. Also when right time comes and you are convinced you should file a complaint against your lawyer to the bar council of India.

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    Re: Pending Court Case Status

    Thank you very much; I shall be visiting High Court and chasing personally.

  5. Question Can I use RTI to find out...

    Hi folks!

    Can I use the RTI to find out the status of legal suits filed by me against the offender & why its taking so long for High Court to pass a judgement.


  6. Re: Pending Court Case Status

    Dear Nishit

    Please go through the earlier discussions in this thread.


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  7. Re: Pending Court Case Status

    Dear Dilip,

    Thanx for your reply.

    But in my case, I have a good lawyer but the offenders have been trying to just delay the judgement.

    The suit has been going on for more than 10 years now. The District court had ruled in our favour but there was an appeal made in High Court. It has been just going on and on while we keep bearing the cost of running this suit (hoping to find justice someday).

    It a clear case of tareekh pe end seems to be visible.

    Pls let me know how I can ensure justice & closure on this by expediting the judgement.


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    Re: Pending Court Case Status

    Dear Nishit,
    You can file a civil application for early hearing of the petition in your matter pending before the Hon. High court.

  9. Re: Pending Court Case Status

    Dear Vinod,

    Can u pls tell me how to file a civil application for the same?

    Also will my civil application make an impact on the concerned people?


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    Re: Pending Court Case Status

    Dear Nishit,
    Just ask your advocate who is pleading your case in main petition to file a CA for early hearing. Hon. High court will hear your CA for early hearing.

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