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    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum, AndhraPradesh government provided the information of property registrations by Registrations & Stamps department Via CARD pilot project through web Department of Registrations & Stamps, but i observed in some registrar offices the database is not updated.
    For Example I noticed At Visakhapatnam district,Bheemunipatnam SubRegistrar office the database updated is stopped at 29-06-2007. and i found other are updated i noticed. Without providing updated information to the public is not useful.
    Regarding this matter plase help, and tell the solution

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    Are you asking for help in using RTI to get the information updated on the website ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karira View Post
    Are you asking for help in using RTI to get the information updated on the website ?
    Yes i am asking for help to updated the information on the website and why they neglect this updated information. Its not only with this one office in other districts also i found that the information is not updated. Recently we purchase a property at that office and its information is not updated. I dont need that information about all, but before we purchasing (or) sell properties this website is very useful to public.

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    Just check and be sure that in that particular sub registrar office there were in fact registrations done after 29-06-07.

    You can file a RTI Application with the DIG (R&S) in the head office located at RTC X Roads. Musheerabad (Tel 23449166) or to any of the DIG's located at Vizag, Guntur, Elluru, Warangal.

    Some of the information you can ask for:

    1. If the website..................................is operated by the R & S department ?
    2. Name, Designation, Office address and telephone number of the officer responsible for updating the above mentioned website
    3. As per rules and regulations of the department and its citizen charter, how often is the above mentioned website to be updated with latest data ?
    4. When was the last time and date when this website was updated.
    5. Give me a certificate giving date and time on which the data pertaining to each Sub Registrar office was updated last time on this website
    6. In case the website is not updated regularly as per information given in Item 3 above, then what action can be taken against those officers who are responsible for prompt and regular updation of data.
    7. Has any action been taken against officer for not uploading data after the following dates:

    xxxxxxxx sub registrar dd-mm-yyy date of last updation
    .............................. .............................................
    .............................. .............................................

    8. Please give me a certified copy of the action taken against the officers responsible
    9. What steps is the department planning to take to ensure that the website is regularly and promptly updated and citizens are not put to undue trouble to look for this information ? Please give me certified copy of the detailed steps being taken.

    You will ahve to call up the DIG office to check in whose name can you pay the D/D or B/C or if they accept cash as application fee payment.

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    HatsUp to this Site Moderator, thanks for your suggestion.
    I am not at all decided to fight with those officers, but my aim is once to remember the Higher superiors of these officers neglecting the updation of data.Your are providing good information to me, i applied the application to know which department is responsible for updation data about this site.
    thanks for your help

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