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    Default CIC order against Ghaziabad Passport Office

    On 16 January 2008, CIC heard a Second Appeal and issued a decision against the Ghaziabad RPO.

    1. Applicant asked for certified copies of all papers submitted by her husband
    at the time of applying for passport.

    2. No reply to application AND first appeal.

    3. Since too many complaints about Ghaziabad RPO and PIO, CIC decided to refer the issue to a "division bench" (2 member bench).

    4. Husband is already deceased.

    5. Salient points about the decision:
    - Show cause notice for penalty of Rs 25,000 issued
    - Applicant awarded compensation of Rs 1000.00
    - CIC directs RPO to issue certified copies after receiving indemnity bond
    and sworn affidavit from applicant.

    Full decision is attached herewith.

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: CIC order against Ghaziabad Passport Office

    I am fighting on similar issues with the Passport Office Ghaziabad for the last one year now having filed my RTI application on 28.9.2007. The information provided to me is incomplete, irrelevant and misleading.

    Appellate Authority is baised and is not taking any cognizance of the facts.

    Passports of my family members were ready to be despatched on 18th May, 2007 but two of them were despatched only in the month of September, 2007 - one with errors.

    When I questioned the delay through RTI, my wife's passport was witheld because her name has changed because of my surname. Very strange.

    I have complained to the CIC already and I have been allotted a Diary number as back as October'07. Now how to have these guys summoned to the Commission for one to one hearing. I have all the documents to prove the mess at Ghaziabad Passport Office.

    Please guide. Thanks

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    Default Re: CIC order against Ghaziabad Passport Office


    You will have a solid case if you have all the documentary evidence ready.

    Before the hearing also have a look at some of the CIC decisions on passports , specially Ghaziabad Passport Office.
    Just visit CIC and search for "passport" or "ghaziabad passport office".
    It might also help if you take some printouts of the previous CIC decisions with you.

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    Re: CIC order against Ghaziabad Passport Office

    Hi Karira

    Many thanks for your response which I appreciate. I do have all the documents and print outs of various dates starting from May'07 onwards mentioning the status of the Passports as Ready for despatch etc within weeks time etc. My entire correspondence has taken place under Registered Post & Under Certificate of Posting.

    I also have two penalty orders of the CIC against this Passport Office handy and have thoroughly read it. I have also read the RTI Act and can surely fight it out.

    Meanwhile, I have also reported the matter to the Chief Vigilance Commissioner on 13th of this Month and sought his intervention to constitute an inquiry as I am being harassed because I questioned the delay of Passports. You will be surprised that the Passports were ready for despatch on 18th May, 2007 but out of the three two were speed posted only in the mid of September, 2007. On 26th September, 2007 when I asked for the appointment in writing to file my RTI application, the then Passport Officer, Mr. R.N.Rai called me to ascertain the details. As expected he was critical about MEA's website for checking the status of the Passports and surprisingly later he confirms in writing that the information provided at the website is applicable and relevant.

    It took them well over seven months to tell me that there is discripancy in the application of my wife that too when I filed the RTI on 26.2.2007. Their first letter to me is dated 26.2.2007 for obvious reasons. ( I am yet to get her Passport as on 21.2.2008 having completed nearly one year in waiting ). She had applied for it on 23.2.2007.

    I am more than convinced that there is surely something fishy and deep rooted that we all need to fight out jointly. I look forward to more feed backs from other applicants who are facing similar problems with the Passport Office, Ghaziabad.

    My complaint has been diarised by the Information Commission and I have been allotted a Diary No. too. But I do not know when will I get a call fromt the Information Commission to present the facts of this complaints before it. You have any idea ?

    thanks and regards

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    even i am fighting for my mother's passport against RPO Ghaziabad.

    actually they are a bunch of corrupt persons in the RPO Ghaziabad.

    for the same questions they file different replies to different RTIs.

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    Default Re: CIC order against Ghaziabad Passport Office

    Quote Originally Posted by prbhat_gen View Post

    for the same questions they file different replies to different RTIs.
    If it is quite evident that the replies are contradicting each other, please file a complaint to CIC under Sec 18 OR bring it out during the course of your Second Appeal.
    This can be termed as "false information" , "misleading information" or even "willfully giving wrong information"

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    In many instances,. approaching the CIC may be a waste of time.

    My appeal was heard on 1st August, 2008 and the Information Commissioner, Dr.O.P.Kejariwal was very clear in stating that the Commission is not there to redress the grievances or resolve the contradictions in the statements of the concerned government officers.

    He simply overlooked 81 page document that I had submitted alongwith my 2nd Appeal as aback as 26.2.2008 and you should not wonder if your appeal is heard only after five to six months. In my case it was heard only after a lapse of five months and the end result was zero. The order passed by the Commission can be seen at CIC's website.

    I have already lodged a formal complaint with the Chief Vigilance Commissioner and it is receiving attention in its office.

    I have even much stronger evidence against them to rope them in but it may not be appropriate for me to reveal it here or share it with you guys. But trust me, I will take it to the right conclusion and the truth will prevail.

    Let me make it more clear to all those who believe that RTI and refuge to Central Information Commission will get them some relief, they are mistaken. You need to have lot of patience, resources and time to chase the wild goose. Can you imagine that when I made a Second Appeal to the CIC on 26.2.2008 it was heard only on 1.8.2008 ( more than eight months later ). In my opinion, what you get there is just a routine hearing. Different orders are passed for different people with similar circumstances. Just read couple of decisions of the CIC at its website CIC and you will get to know.

    I will be completing two years in February, 2009 for a Passport of my wife. My only fault is that I filed RTI application against the Passport Office on 28.2.2008 to know the reason of delay. That was the moment when the harassment started. The only fault of my wife is that she lawfully and rightfully acquired my surname with her first name after marrying me more than 25 years back. Can you believe that they want us to file an affidavit with two news paper cuttings stating that she has changed her name ? Let me make it very clear that we had submitted an affidavit with a joint photograph duly signed by us both in the month of March, 2007 but it does not make sense to the Passport Officer obviously.

    best wishes.......RK Khushu

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  8. Default Re: CIC order against Ghaziabad Passport Office


    u can even approach to the HUMAN Rights Commission, if in case you are in a position that your human rights are been violated by the said officers.

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