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    Default Clarification on MACP

    I am to say that I was serving as JE(Civil) in the pre-revised scale of 5000-8000 under Delhi Jal Board(Delhi Govt) since 10/08/1990.I was granted first financial upgradation in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 from 1/8/2002 after completion of 12 yrs of regular service. Consequent upon my selection in MCD as AE(Civil) under direct recruitment I submitted technical resignation from the post of JE(Civil) under DJB on 27/10/2005(AN) & joined MCD on 28/10/2005(FN) without break. I have also completed two yrs of probation period on the post of AE(Civil) & presently drawing grade pay of Rs. 4600 in PB-2. Para 5(b) of modified ACP states in the case of promotion/ financial upgradation granted under ACP to the pre-revised scale of 5500-9000 & 6500-10500 prior to 1/1/2006 will be ignored on account of merger of the Rs5000-8000,5500-9000 & 6500-10500.As per CCS(RP) rules, they will be granted grade pay of RS 4200 in the PB-2. After the implementation of MACP two financial upgradation will be granted next higher grade pay of Rs. 4600 & Rs. 4800 in the PB-2.
    As JE(Civil) I would have got 1<SUP>st</SUP> MACP after 10 yrs of regular service & would have been placed in the grade pay of Rs. 4600 which is the same grade pay of AE(Civil) in PB-2.Now counting another 10 yrs thereafter i.e. after 20 yrs of regular service from initial date of joining govt service w.e.f 10/8/1990, it may please be clarified whether I will be eligible for grade pay of Rs 4800 in PB-2 under MACP.

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    Default Re: Clarification on MACP

    Dear Sir,
    Your query is beyond the scope of this forum we discuss only issues related to RTI


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    Question Re: Clarification on MACP

    I have been appointed as Gp D w.e.f. 01 May 1980 in the pay scale of Rs. 196-232/-, got advancement as LDC through Departmental promotion w.e.f.
    19 May 1986 in the pay scale of Rs. 950-1500/-, promoted as UDC through Limited departmental examination on 21 Jun 1995 in the pay scale of Rs. 4000-6000/- and promoted as Assistant through seniority cum fitness basis on 02 Aug 2004 in the pay scale of Rs. 5000-8000/-.(pre revised) All the promotions earned before 01 Jan 2006. Presently I am drawing Grade Pay Rs. 4200/- and Basic Pay Rs. 12130/-.. As per direction given by Govt that MACP scheme is applicable to all Gp A, B , C even erstwhile Gp D also. Please clarify whether I am entitled for MACP benefits on completion of my 30 year service w.e.f. 01 May 2010.
    My intention is that I got two promotions through successful passing examinations and superseded to my colleagues in two steps of promotions/ pay and allowances in two times. Now they are drawing more pay and Grade Pay then me on implementation of MACP benefits. Please clarify whether I am entitled for 3rd MACP with grade pay Rs. 4600/- on completion of 30 years of service or Stepping up of pay with my colleagues.
    Thanking you
    Yours Sincerely


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