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    Default how to get pf number

    Hi, iam raghavendra.I have been working for 3 years.But i haven't taken the p.f munber yet now.And thing is the company has closed.Can i get the p.f number through my pan number.

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    Default Re: how to get pf number

    Dear Raghvendra,

    Although the following links on the subject may not provide you with a speicfic answer to your query, but it may help you gain some insight on how to use RTI for EPF:

    1) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...und-guide.html

    2) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...ding-govt.html

    3) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...t-details.html

    4) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...rough-rti.html

    5) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...nd-refund.html

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    Default Re: how to get pf number

    Dear Raghvendra

    Please also see: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/21870-pf-no.html



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