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Thread: Socities registration Act 1860

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    Socities registration Act 1860

    Can husband - wife or any blood related individuals be members of governing body of a society registered under socities registration act 1860? Pls help.

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    Re: Socities registration Act 1860

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    Can husband - wife or any blood related individuals be members of governing body of a society registered under socities registration act 1860? Pls help.
    Under societies registration Act 1860, it has been made clear that no blood relations can be the members of any society being registered. But it has not been clear about husband or wife. The certificate to be furnished alongwith request for registration of a society has a wording "No member of the society under registration is blood relation or otherwise". This "otherwise" is nowhere clear in the act or rules. This creates a doubt about the status of husband or wife as to whether they can be incorporated in a society or not.
    Some experts dealing with registration of society are of the view that husband and wife can be members of a society. But they are also not sure with the view of act.

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    Re: Socities registration Act 1860

    thanx for your valuable information. Still i hv a doubt in my mind as can't find those wordings as mentioned by you in socities registration act, 1860 in the PDF file of the same Act online. pls help me finding it!

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    Dear Suman,

    Welcome to rtiindia website.

    This website is dedicated to discussions related to Right to Information Act, 2005. For other queries you may please visit our sister website Big Helpers and our members there would be happy to help you.

    By the way there is a difference between the term OWNER and MEMBER (Associate Member).

    Owner has all the ownership rights.

    An owner can make anybody an associate member whether blood relative or not.

    Once the owner applies and makes a person an Associate Member of the society, such member has all the rights of a member of the society i.e attending a General Body Meeting, Voting, Governing (Participating in govenance by becoming a Managing Committee member and once a Committee member such member can also become A Chairman or Secretary).

    But an Associate Member can never become an owner and will immediately cease to be a Member on the death of the owner or if the owner sells off the unit.

    Also I would like to tell you that Right to Information Act, 2005 is the most radical and powerful Act introduced in our country ever since independence. It has a tremendous potential to remove / reduce corruption and thereby change the way we are governed.

    If you would like to learn more about RTI, please spend some time with the home page of this forum and browse through the various link there.
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