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Thread: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

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    Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    Dear Sir,

    Chennai Telephone no.044-2.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x connected in the name of Mr.A.Natarajan is not functioning for the past 3 months, even after too many complaints in the Fault Booking System and personal visits to the concerned authorities in the telephone exchange. Even the fault booking docket nos. were cancelled without attending the fault. In few instances, people called from the telephone exchange and cheked whether telephone is working. For few minutes it started working when tested, and again went to the non-functioning status. We are promt payer of telephone bills before the due dates. For the non-functioning of telephone, even the department did not consider any rental rebate. Now we request the authorities through this that the department should take up some action to rectify the fault permanently for the proper functioning of telephone.

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  2. Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    File and RTI application to BSNL and ask them information about the number of complaints booked for your number, cause of delay, name of person responsible for the delay etc.

    Please read our Guide Section to know more about the RTI Act and read this post you want to know on how to file an RTI application.

    In case you need further help please post it in the relevant section and our members will be happy to assist you. You can also post the copy of your draft so that members can suggest your additions/corrections.

  3. Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    Dear Ramasubramaniam

    1. U can file RTI application as suggested by Dinesh Sir.

    2. File a complaint with Commercial Officer of BSNL and ask for rent waiver for those days, when your phone was out of order. Wait for 15/20 days if no action, file RTI application for the action taken report on your complaint. Please read:

    For detailed information on how to draft & file an RTI application, please see the All About RTI links on the homepage & RTI Guide section of the portal.

    How to make RTI application effective (by JPS Sir) :

    If you have any further doubts, please post them here and our members will be pleased to guide you further.


  4. Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    Following links will also be useful:

    Central Govt appln:


    Consumer problem
    How to manage consumer problem - Big Helpers Community

    I understand that there is some rule that if phone is not functioning for 7 days or more BSNL cannot charge rentals for the whole month.Pl visit website of TRAI, where U will get directives of TRAI to all telephone service providers.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Question BSNL's faliure in service

    I am using BSNL Broadband Service, unlimited home plan. On 13/10/2010 early morning I placed a complaint regarding my land line phone which is not working. The man sitting at BSNL complaint office registered that. After continuous reminder a man visits at my home on Saturday 18/10/10. He just checks the joints and goes back saying its okay here, am going to check the fault, but he did not come back.
    I want to know what action I can take against BSNL for their failure in service.
    Please suggest how I can get this information:
    1. How many days BSNL require to fix the complaint.
    2. What happens if they fail to start phone service within 7days
    3. Is there any provision to get the rebate for those days in which phone was not working due to the failure of BSNL service

  6. Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    Dear Mr. Thapar

    Please read this full thread.


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    Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    dont ask questions mark querriess they are not nenable u/s 2(f). ask the action taken report on your complaint. day to day status of your complaint. name and address of the officials that responsible on take a action on your complaint etc.

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    Surendera M. Bhanot
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    Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    If the Telephone company is a private operator, you may logde a complaint with the Nodal Officer of the company (Details are printed in the bill or can be found at the website of the company) with a copy to TRAI. after 30 days file complaint with the Appellate Authority of the Company, with a copy to TRAI. Thereafter file a RTI Application with the TRI about the information as warranted by you from TRAI about that complaint made to the company

    If the Telephone Company is BSNL, you may adopt the following procedure:

    Please file RTI Application with the PIO of the concerned Public Authority (PGMT BSNL Chennai or your city/Circle) via Speed Post. While filing RTI Application detailing the problem being faced by you and quoted therein your all previous references of letter/telephone/personal visits to the office of the Public Authority and ask for the following information (Please use all or some points as suited to you. Point No. 6-9 below is essential for quick and positive action):

    01. Inform me the day to day action taken on my various requests made earlier (give date wise detail of your letters/visits/phone calls).
    02. Inform me the time needed as per law to finalize the required action.
    03. Inform me latest status of your request.
    04. A. Provide me the certified copies of the
    a. File Notings relating to this matter from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY.
    b. Day-to-day moment of File relating to this matter from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. (Now, in a decision involving the EPFO, IC SG has clearly ruled that the day to day movement of the file has to be given in the format asked for. ttp://
    05. Inform me reasons for the delay
    06. Inform me Name & Designation of the officers/Officials responsible for taking action on your request.
    07. Inform me Name & Designation of the officers/Officials responsible for causing delay on your request.
    08. This application may also be treated as a Notice u/s 80 CPC and the action taken thereunder may also be inform to me in due course.
    09. I have paid fee for the purpose. I am a consumer. The delay is a deficient service. Moreover I am being harassed. What compensation is proposed to paid to me. if Nothing, This may please be treated as a Notice under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
    10. Inform me the manner in which the PA is proposing to compensate you for the mental agony and deficient service.
    11. Any other point on your mind (Think Hard).


    Here's the web address of the Helpline of the President of India's Secretariat where you can file and/or upload your grievance and later on view the status of the same. You may also file an online complaint to the President of India’s Secretariat at :: President's Secretariat Helpline ::
    The grievances arising out of unsatisfactory response or No response from the Ministry/Department concerned will be taken up by the PG officers of DAR&PG who will take up the matter with the Ministry/Department concerned for close monitoring and expeditious redress. You can lodge your complaints for all ministries of central government and state governments at the following link PGRAMS -:- Grievance Registration Form.
    Most probably your work will be done with a quick pace, which you would had never expected under normal circumstances.

    You will find necessary help for filing the RTI Application by clicking the ”Home” or "RTI Guide" button at the top of this page. Also please use the customized Google search bar located at the top of this page and search for "Telephone Complaints", etc. and you may get a/many threads.

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    Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    My BSNL LL was giving problem everytime I wanted to use it. Every time I phoned them, they will not rectify it promptly. After 5-6 occasions, I just disconnected the phone permanently, inspite of me getting the phone bill reimbustment from my employer.

    Gajanan phadte

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    Surendera M. Bhanot
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    Re: Telephone not functioning for the past 3 months

    Please help yourself with the suggestions made in post #8 above.

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