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    Private Forest Land in Thane , Mumbai

    Dear Sir,
    Before putting my query I would like to tell you the history in short.
    Yesterday Bombay Highcourt gave result in one of its case that the 120 acre residential and industrial complexes build around Sanajay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai ,Thane are illigal because this land was reserved as "Private Forest Land".
    Actually 30-40 years back governement declared this land as "Private Forest Land", but revenue department did not update it in their records. Due to this BMC and TMC (Bombay and Thane Municipal Corporation) were not aware of this and they thought that this is not agricultral land and allowed to buiid complexes on this land in their development plan. It all came to notice in 2006 when one NGO filed complaint about enchrochemts happening in the Jungle and matter went to court.
    In 2005, I have purchased flat in such area with proper registration at TMC by paying stamp duty. I have all normal clearances which can prove that it is legal. In fact 1.5 lakh people who are residing in the 120 acre area have same story.
    After this case by NGO, revenue department updated their records (after 30 years. oh god!) and termed our land is Private Forest Land after which our flats became "ILLIGAL" suddenly. We are suffering for the faults made by revenue department. God knows what happens next.
    Now here is my query.
    My apartment has three wings or buildings (A,B,C) connected to each other. Same is build over two 'Plot Nos' assigned by TMC. It is not clear from the registration document which wing is which Plot No. Some residents say the C wing is in the Plot No. which is Non Pirvate forest land area (i.e. LEGAL") and A & B wing falls under Pirvate forest land area. While some pepole say the oposite story. A,B is legal and C is illigal.
    I am thinking to get the correct information from TMC/Forest department about the same.

    1) I want to know status (Forest/nonForest) of these two plots.
    2) I want to know exactly how the wings are placed with respect to position of this plot.

    Since I am novice to RTI act I request you to tell me how to proceed and whom to contact about this.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Private Forest Land in Thane , Mumbai

    As reported by Viju B of TNN on timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 08 April 2008:
    Forest land? Not for the BMC-Mumbai-Cities-The Times of India

    Forest land? Not for the BMC

    MUMBAI: Can the same tract of land be a forest as well as a concrete jungle? Yes, if the maps of the Mulund and Nahur suburbs which are with the forest department and the BMC are to be believed. In the important of the forest department, these areas are shown as 'private forest' land, whereas the development plan of the BMC has residential colonies, factories, schools and hospitals marked in the same areas.

    According to records in possession of this paper, the large tracts of land shown as private forests in the state government's affidavit filed before the Bombay high court recently also figure in two successive development plans drawn up by the city's town planners in the last 40 years.

    The court had on March 26 dismissed a petition that challenged this affidavit and upheld the legality of a show-cause notice issued in 1957 by the forest department.

    The area (in Mulund and Nahur) comprising about 126 acres of land includes 1,500 residential buildings, refugee colonies, an ESIS hospital, schools, playgrounds, government quarters and industrial units, which have been clearly demarcated in the development plan.

    The Mulund and Nahur region now also has firms like Johnson and Johnson, Nirmal Lifestyle Complex and developers like Runwal Infinity, Kalpataru, Oberoi, Athiti and Ansal properties.

    The draft development plan of this region was first published on January 9, 1964, by the BMC. The final development plan was sanctioned by the state government by a notification on November 19, 1965, which came into effect on December 20, 1965. Both came under the provisions of the Bombay Town Planning Act, 1954.

    The DP plan had only reserved two small areas of forest—the rest of T ward in Mulund was demarcated for residential, industrial and housing establishments.

    The 1991 development plan later did not make any major changes apart from including the new list of firms and residential buildings that came in this zone (see graph).

    The Bombay high court had earlier dismissed a petition on March 24 and upheld the affidavit filed by the state, saying that issuance of a notice under Section 35(3) of the Indian Forest Act, 1927 was sufficient for conversion of any land into forest land. The said notice was issued in 1957 by the forest department. This effectively converted about 1,200 acres adjoining the eastern and western suburbs of Sanjay Gandhi National Park into forest land.

    Former bureaucrats said it should have been the responsibility of the revenue and forest departments to inform the civic body about the demarcation of the forest land when they drew up the first DP plan.

    "The predominantly middle-class residents who legally purchased these flats are facing hardship for no fault of theirs. The solution now lies in approaching the apex court or even finding a provision in the act where exemption can be made where dense development has taken place," former chief secretary D M Sukhtankar said.

    RTI activist Shailesh Gandhi who is battling the controversial Crawford Market redevelopment proposal, said that the officials who had erred in not informing the public about the status of the land should be taken to task rather than penalising the hapless residents who had no access to the forest land records and had to go by the BMC's development plan.

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default Re: Private Forest Land in Thane , Mumbai

    Quote Originally Posted by dm_jadhav View Post

    1) I want to know status (Forest/nonForest) of these two plots.
    2) I want to know exactly how the wings are placed with respect to position of this plot.

    Since I am novice to RTI act I request you to tell me how to proceed and whom to contact about this.
    You can file a RTI Application to the TMC and ask for:

    1. The exact status of the land on which the two plots lie and with the number assigned to you by the TMC.
    2. You can also ask for the "approved" plan for your building from the TMC as well as the detail layout of the building vis a vis the two plots and the exact location from survey.

    The details of the PIO in the TMC are available at:


    You RTI Application will have to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees of Maharashtra, which are attached to this post:


    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default Room Purchase

    Hi i plan to purchase new flat at ghodbunder road, thane, I found one project as golden park . kasarvadavli. I want to know this project is not under forest area.

    Hiren K Thakore

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    Default Re: Private Forest Land in Thane , Mumbai

    Dear Hiren

    Please refer post # 3 (above)


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    Default Forest Area

    Wanted to know that i m planning to buy a flat in Thane , G.B Road, Anand Nagar.
    Just wanted to conrim wheather the Area is Under Forest Region...
    The Developers are Sqare Feet Homes & Sagar Residency..Thane West

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    Default Re: Private Forest Land in Thane , Mumbai

    Read the full thread above as well as the threads in the following search:

    thane forest land - Google Search

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default Forest land in Thane

    Dear All,

    Just want to know two things:

    1. What is the final verdict of the court on the private forest land in Thane.
    2. From where can i get the list of buildings which are under forest land in thane specifically in Ghodbunder road.

    Awaiting response from your end.

    Thanks .

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