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    Default Road tax Rules in West Bengal

    Dear All,

    I have a 4 wheeler which was registered in West Bengal. Road tax in West Bengal is deposited after every 5 years. My vehicle is a normal Maruti 800 and I had fitted an AC and a music system into it. The road tax that was deposited 5 years back had tax components of the car plus the AC and the music system. But now, since the AC is not in a working condition and has gone out of order, I have removed it from the car. But the Tax authorities are not budging and is demading taxes applicable for an AC vehicle saying, that proper intimation and permission is required from the RTO for removal of the AC from the vehicle.

    Can anybody help me in understanding the Road Tax rules in West Bengal? Am I supposed to pay road tax for a car with a non functional AC? After all, it is me who has spent for the vehicle, it is me who has spent for the AC and it is me who is removing the AC. Road Tax was paid for the term the AC was functional.


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    Nominate Post Re: Road tax Rules in West Bengal

    Dear sir,

    I want the information for DE-REGISTERING a vehicle from back date as it has been sold long back and the purcheser has not transfirred the name.

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