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Thread: Patta for land

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    I was made to run around by the taluk office for getting the patta for my land. I will be filing a RTI application tomorrow 12th Apr 2008 and send it to the Chengelpet Taluk office.

    When I went there on 9th Apr to file it in person, I was promised by the sub-tahsildhar that the matter would be looked into and so I did not file the application as I decided to give them time. However, when I went there yesterday on 10th Apr, the sub-tahsildhar shot back at me that I should wait. I made the mistake of taking the sub-tahsildhar's word but I am planning to rectify that by sending the application through postal order.

    Please let me know the procedure for postal order.


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    As you had posted your query at the wrong place, you might not get any response. You should have posted it at Ask for RTI Query forum

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    I have now understood that postal order is issued by any post office. I will keep you posted on the developments or none thereof from the tahsildhar's office.

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    Welcome to RTI india.
    This section is only for introductions.
    Can you please post your query in the appropriate section so that you can get better responses from other members.

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    Moved to "Ask for RTI Query"

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    I applied RTI formally on 12th Apr and got a letter from the surveyor as well as the Chengelpet tahsildhar. Basically the tahsildhar had instructed the surveyor to take up my matter with utmost urgency. I received the letter on 15th Apr and was asked to see the Surveyor on 16th Apr at 11 AM at the VAO office at Sengundram Village. However, I was able to see the surveyor only in the afternoon as I had an already planned urgent personal work on the morning of 16th Apr. The surveyor had waited for me at the VAO office all morning and then went back to his office at Kattankulathur. He cribbed that he had wasted all morning but agreed to survey my land in the afternoon. Then we went to survey my land and after the survey, he mentioned that due to survey of house sites, he was not able to attend to my patta application and that there were other pending patta applications. I guess mine got priority only because of the RTI application and I now realise its true power. I haven't yet received my patta as he mentioned that I had not submitted the history documents alongwith my patta application, which is not true. In fact, it is mentioned clearly in my patta application that I have attached a copy of the history document and layout of the plot. So I now have to go see the Head surveyor at Chengelpet taluk office to submit the history docs again. He also mentioned that he was going to issue one patta for both of my adjacent plots. Please could someone let me know if I can sell my plots (which are adjacent to each other) separately even if there is only one patta for both the plots.

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    That is indeed a very fast response from the PIO.
    Once the whole process is over and you have the patta in your hands, can you please post your "success story" in this section:

    RTI Community Lounge - Success Stories at rtiindia.org

    Members and Guests reading your success story will be encouraged to also use RTI for their everyday problems with Government Offices.

    Please also spread the word about your RTI success to your family, neighbours, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc...so as to encourage them to use RTI in their everyday lives.

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    Today I went and submitted my history documents. I made sure that the documents were strung together with my patta application. I was made to wait by the surveyor and I sense that he has developed an animosity towards me. Perhaps he would delay my patta as long as possible but I am not going to relent. I am going to send a letter to the PIO of the taluk that I had gone today and submitted by documents as further proof. I'll next chase the surveyor for update only next month. will keep you posted.

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