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Thread: Clearing of cheque - SBI

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    Clearing of cheque - SBI


    I deposited a cheque of Rs 100000.00 to my SBI Account (Sahibabad, Ghaziabad) on 17/03/09. Cheque was from my another Account in IDBI (K.G.Marg, New Delhi)

    My SBI account gets credited with Rs 100000.00 on 20/03/09 and also showing in my pass book.

    But when i try to withdraw amount from my account on 23/03/09 it shows ur available balance as Rs 316 and entry of Rs 100000 was present in ATM mini slip. I intimate this in the bank and they told it will be cleared asap.

    Till 04/04/09 my account available balance was Rs 316 despite of trf cheque of Rs 100000.00. They put that money to their control account and forget to credit my account for such a long period.

    Can anyone tell me the rules and information regarding control account of SBI.

    As per my knowledge, their control account should be cleared in 24 hrs, but can i have the documentation proof of such guidelines related to Control account of SBI so that I can file a case against them.

    Your help will be much appreciated.


    Ankur Sharma

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    Re: Clearing of cheque - SBI

    Ankur Sharma,
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    Dear Ankur

    Please read this blog by JPS Sir:

    Also see: How to address problems with banks? - Big Helpers Community

    And also see: Big Helpers Community - Right To Justice


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    Re: Clearing of cheque - SBI


    Though I have received the amount on 06/04/2009. But they have not credited the amount in due course i.e on 20.03.2009.

    They keep the money from 20.03.09 to 06/04/09 in their control account and hence they had violated the RBI rules and guidelines (I think)

    I do not filed any written complaint to bank and keep on having verbal agruments with bank but my case is strong from point of view of Rules & Regulations framed by RBI to Banks and for that I can show my pass book, ATM Slips etc which is a full proof of not crediting the amount on time.

    Though i have not filed any written complaint but above documentary is enough i think. Should I get the compensation regarding time, expenses for frequently visiting to banks, mental harassment etc.

    Please suggest and reply asap.



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    File a written complaint staking your claim first. Based on the outcome, please continue further discussions on this subject at BigHelpers. Our prime focus here is on issues related to RTI Act.
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