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    sunil jain

    Default Copy of patwari Khasra B1

    Can i use rti to get copy of patwari khasra and B1 of the land being sold by my uncle through power of attorny without giving any information of selling. The land was in the name of my father and uncle and is in other state. Can the postal method be used to get to get the information.

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    Default Re: Copy of patwari Khasra B1

    Dear Sunil

    1. Write a simple application to the head of concerned office and request for supply of copies/information. If no reply/information in 30/40 days, file RTI application seeking action taken report on your application.

    2. File the same application (as point 1) with DM of concerned district and follow the procedure as in point 1.

    3. Or think like a applicant (who has right to apply for any info) and directly apply with Public Information Officer of the concerned office. In any case either PIO will supply u the information or explain the way to obtain information. In any case u wont loose much and this attempt can bring results.

    4. RTI application will as per the rules of the concerned state. The RTI Rules and Fees for various States, Centre and High Courts are available in the Guide segment of the portal: RTI Guide

    The Guide section also has some useful articles on How, What, When, Where of RTI . They will help you in drafting your application, whom to send to, how much fees, how to pay, what rules to follow, etc.

    Some good and valuable links are available under the "All about RTI " icon on the home page.

    If you have any further doubts, please post them here and our members will be pleased to guide you further.


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