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    Default Re: Rock blasting in residential area

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm new to this site and this is my first post so please bear with me if I'm asking the same information again.
    I'm living in Thane and there's a mall coming adjacent to our apartment complex. The builder who's constructing the mall is blasting rocks on a daily basis to speed up the work. Our building vibrates a lot due to the blasts and we had approached the builder, the police and the local corporator but with no effect. We've even approached the media but even that hasn't helped.
    We've checked the documents and the permission for blasting was given by the Police Commissioner's Office, Thane.

    Given the above background, I need help from you on filing an RTI.
    1) With whom should I file the RTI application and in what format?
    2) Does it have to be in the regional language or is English acceptable?

    My questions in the application would be of the following nature. Please feel free to re-word them in order to extract the max information.
    1) Is rock blasting allowed near residential buildings? If so, what are the limits and how are they monitored?
    2) Who is the responsible authority for granting blasting permissions in residential areas?
    3) As per the permission letter provided by the Police commissioner to the builder, there are limits on the amount of the charge that can be used. Who is responsible for monitoring it?
    4) Who is responsible for the effect of the blast on the nearby residential buildings? Have they conducted a survey?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Pravin W.

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    Default Re: Rock blasting in residential area


    1. The RTI Application has to be made to the Police Commissioner - the same office which granted permission.
    2. Application can be in English, Hindi or the local language.
    3. Your RTI application will have to be as per RTI Rules framed for Maharashtra. For your reference, these are attached to the following post:


    The information you want to request for:

    My suggestions are:

    1. Please provide me certified copies of all Rules and Regulations that govern the granting of permission, for conducting blasting, for construction purposes in residential areas.

    2. Please inform me details of the monitoring mechanism established in your office for monitoring blasting activities (like proper time for blasting, type of charge to be used, quantity of charge to be used, danger to neighbouring residential buildings, protection of workers conducting blasting, etc.) after your department has granted blasting permission. If there are written monitoring mechanisms, please give me a certified copy.

    3. Does your office undertake any survey of the blasting site before granting permission ?
    If yes, please provide me a certifed copy of such a survey report with respect to blasting being carried out in plot nr........located in colony..........of the area called.................

    3. For the blasting permission Nr.......dated........ issued by your office, please inform me the Name, Designation, Address and Office Telephone number of the Officer in charge of monitoring this blasting activity at the site.

    4. Please provide me the exact dates and times when the above mentioned Officer in Item 3 above has visited the blasting site for inspection.

    5. Please provide me certified copies of the inspection reports as submitted by the officer after conducting inspections.

    6. Please provide me a certified copy of the blasting permission nr.......dated.....granted by your office.
    (This is optional, in case you already have a copy)

    I feel that this case can come under "Life and Liberty" clause for which PIO must reply to you within 48 hours. Do you have any proof to make this come under life and liberty clause (like video footage of building shaking, evidence of things falling of shelves, etc...) ?

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default Re: Rock blasting in residential area

    Just add another 2 points in the RTI application:

    7. Under Sec 4(1)(d) of the RTI Act 2005, please provide me the reasons for granting such a blasting permission in a residential area since I am a affected person.

    8. I want to inspect all applications, files, file notes, records, documents, papers pertaining to the above mentioned blasting permission. Since this affects a large number of local residents , at least XX (the number) of the residents will accompany me during the above requested inspection. Please inform me the time and date for the inspection.
    During the inspection, I would like to take certain certified copies of the the documents and records that are inspected.

    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Default Re: Rock blasting in residential area

    Thanks a lot for the information Karira. I'll try to get the application filed at the earliest and also get a few of the other residents to do the same.

    As for the video footage, we've recorded the actual blasts but we did not record the shaking of the building since it'd be impossible to link the two directly. It can always be argued that the shaking of the building or things falling off the shelves (which incidentally did not take place as yet) were doctored.

    Thanks again for all your help.

    Pravin W.

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    Default Re: Rock blasting in residential area

    You are not the only one buddy, we have similar case here in Pune, Kharadi.


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