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Thread: rent control act/chennai

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    rent control act/chennai

    We are living in a 3 bedroom erented apartment in chennai for the last six years,on 11 month rental agreement,which is being renewed after expiry of 11 months,every time. The agreement was for 10% increase in the rent every 11 months,which we have agreed every year and the agreement is drawn every 11 months between the landlord and the tenant. Now the landlord is demanding an increase of 40 to 50% increase in the rent from the next,year,ie May 2010,when the agreement will come again for renewal. This is a steep hike which we cannot afford. The landlord has said either ayou agree for the steep hike or leave the house. Under these circumstances,please let me know::

    1)whether the land lord is justified in asking for such a steep increase?
    2)what are the legal rights of the tenant under these circumstances?
    3)Is there any tamilnadu rent control act which states the rent chargeable based on the rented space, locality/area in which the building is ssituated?
    4)As a tenant can I insist on staying in the rented premises,agreeing to the hike of usual 10%,and in case of the lanlord nog agreeing,can I take my case to a court of law through my advocate,for a favourable decision?

    Kindly enlighten me on my above queries.
    elapuli balki subramaniam/chennai

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    Dear E.B. Subramaniyam

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