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Thread: Whether rent control act totally favorable to the tenant than house owners? a.Yes b.No c.comment?

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    Question Whether rent control act totally favorable to the tenant than house owners? a.Yes b.No c.comment?

    Sir, one year back I rented my flat to my tenant. 11 months agreement period is over. I told him to vacate the house. But he is adamant, he is not vacating the house so far. Last 5 months he is not giving rent, electricity and also flat maintenance. Actually Electricity Card with me. So I am not paid the last 2 months electricity. Due to this, Electricity board disconnect is electricity. He informed this to local police. The police threaten me to put electricity otherwise you will go to prison. I feared atlast I paid that current bill and give the electricity. But now my tenant slowly put holes on walls with drilling machines and iron rods. I am unable to do anything. I already logged the complaint with local police. But that police totally support my tenant instead of me. I totally dejected with this, frustrated. I am totally doesn't know what to do next? I need answer from lawyers and experienced persons in this regard. Court case comes on 7th January 2010. He is continuously speaking in vulgar words against me and my wife. We are innocent. We don't know what to do.
    He is going on saying "this is my house. I am not vacating the house, you go to police, court or anybody I will not vacate the house"
    What is the next right step I don't know. How to handle this person I need experts answers please help. I need immediate help from my yahoo friends.

    "He is going on saying this rent case will go for another 10 to 20 years in the court. So I don't bother about this case. All rent control act laws favorable to tenants."
    So you cannot do anything. He is going on threatening with these words

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    Re: Whether rent control act totally favorable to the tenant than house owners? a.Yes b.No c.comment?

    Krishna Kumar,
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  3. Re: Whether rent control act totally favorable to the tenant than house owners? a.Yes b.No c.comment?

    Consult a good advocate to proceed further in the matter, if you had not done so already. Beyond a point, discussions and suggestons alone will not help. Interventional action is required from your side.
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    How to vacate my tenant - Please help

    Dear Friends
    In 1/9/2008 my father rent out one flat. The agreement period of 11 months was over. Already 5 months over. My father told the tenant to vacate the house because of my father in law and his family come to chennai and stay in that house. So we didn't receive 12th month rent from him. We serve legal notice to him to vacate the house. But so far he didn't vacate the house, he didn't pay the rent, electricity bill, flat maintenance, water charges etc. Now the case is on chennai high court already 7th of this month one hearing is over. But he didn't appear on that day. He appointed one legal advocate to attend his case. My father and father-in-law both are above 70 years (Senior Citizens) my father is not well. How I can handle this case in court. I need legal advice in this matter. Another thing "He is now saying this is my house, I will not vacate the house, He is going on saying all sections of rent control act favorable to Tenants so you cannot do nothing with me. This case will run for another 10 to 20 years in court. So I am not bother about the case. He is also threatening my wife and me with vulgar words. I inform to police but local police support him (due to something given to them by my tenant). Now I totally dejected what to do next? I am totally confused. My legal advocate also not that much intelligence. I need legal help from the forum friends immediately. Because next hearing on 28th of this month. So please help me in this regard

    He didn't respond to legal notice so far, he didn't appear for first hearing.


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