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    Nilesh Kattul
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    Default Employer is not depositing its contribution

    What can you i do if employer is not contributing his share in your pf account?"

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    Default Re: Employer is not depositing its contribution

    If the Employer is not depositing its contribution it becomes an offence as well as contravention of PF Act. When the establishment has got its code No: it becomes mandatory that the shares of the employer and employee should be deposited in the PF account maintained. If that is not being done you may enquire with your HR Manager why it is not being done and get his reply. Anyway, if you dont get a satisfactory reply, then you can make a complaint to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner having jurisdiction over your factory/zone.

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    Default PF - Previous employer did not deposit to the PF account

    Hello all,

    The problem in brief. Will explain with exact details in the coming posts.

    worked for an organisation for 2.5 years and resigned from there about 2 years back. After resigning when i went to start the process of Withdrawing the PF amount, I was surprised to know that the Employer did not deposit any PF amount which was deducted from my salary (not just mine, any of the employee's) for many months. They said that will be done soon and once after that I can start my withdrawl process. i waited for few months and then eventually that company was closed due to financial losses. But how ever the same management has got another sister company and the HR department is the same. But now even after 2 years there is no proper response from them, and it seems like they have'nt settled those accounts yet.

    How do I go about with this?
    Any guidance appreciated


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    Default About epf

    1 If the employeer can not deposit the employees EPF money which should be deducted from his monthly emoulments in the name & style of EPF, then what action should be taken to recover the such amount from the employer

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    Default Re: About epf

    You may lodge complaint with PF Commissioner of the area in which your employer's office is situated. Please visit www.epfindia.nic.in

    In case if you do not get reply in a month, push RTI by visiting:

    Long pending? :

    Central Govt application:

    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

  6. Default Discrepancy in PF Amount

    Dear Sir,

    My previous company used to deduct PF every month and the total PF amount should be 52000 Rs. How ever, when I checked balance online at PF site, it showed me only 6000 Rs.( received a SMS on total balance amount from PF Office). I approached back my company and they say that the PF’s system is not uploaded. How ever, when you submit an application for withdraw, the entire amount will come to you as the PF systems are not updated and they are pushing me to withdraw.
    I am somehow not convinced. Please advice the possible reason and what should I do to get the entire amount. Please advice if this is possible that PF online system is not updated…

    Regards, Ashish

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    Default Re: Employer is not depositing its contribution

    Dear Ashish

    Kindly refer post # 5.


  8. Question regarding pf matter

    I worked in a private sector for one year in 1999. My PF number was given and Pf deducted from my salary. but company didn't submit my deducted amount in PF account. At present company is no more. I have confirmed it from Noida PF office. Can I get any type of help from RTI in this regard

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