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    Default B.S.N.L. modinagar disitt. ghaziabad

    I have applied for cut my telephone connection (B.S.N.L) ahd the same was approved, on which i received an application but till now the bill(s) are coming in front of me.
    I feel that the amount mentioned in the bill will be adjusted with my security deposit.
    What should i do?
    Please help.

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    Default Re: B.S.N.L. modinagar disitt. ghaziabad

    if u have reciving of application then nothing to worry bout u plz go to T.D.M. wid reciving and coming bills and one more application recive them for this either u can file rti
    and ask them y bills r still coming y my security not refunded
    साक्ष्य पर कुछ गीद्ड़ो के एक शेर फ़िर मारा गया
    गण्तंत्र के इस तंत्र पर कुछ गुनगुनाइए
    या हाथ मे लेकर क़लम अब साथ आइए

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    Default Re: B.S.N.L. modinagar disitt. ghaziabad

    Dear Atul

    File an RTI application with PIO of BSNL for action taken report on your application for disconnection of phone. RTI application will be as per: RTI Rules, Fees for Centre and Useful Info about CIC - RTI Guide

    RTI fee: Rs. 10/- by D.D./B.C./IPO in favour of "Accounts Officer" and payable at place where u are submitting RTI application.

    For help in locating PIO, please see: HOW TO LOCATE A PIO UNDER RTI ACT 2005 - RTI Guide

    Sample application for Any thing pending with Govt. (by JPS 50 Sir): http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...ding-govt.html

    For detailed information on how to draft & file an RTI application, please see the "All About RTI" links on the homepage & RTI Guide section of the portal.

    Their reply will clear the status.

    Revert back if you have further queries our members are always ready to help you



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