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    Simargovind Singh
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    first appeal

    I have filed first appeal but not received any acknowledgment/reply for the same. its almost a month now. how long should i wait?? should i file complaint or second appeal?? when to file? how to file? please help

    in another case my appeal was disposed off saying that "the request is not covered in the definition of the information under Section 2 (f) of the said act, therefore the said appeal is hereby rejected"
    i had asked " the reason for not blacklisting the firms as their services were poor .........etc etc"
    The PIO in reply gave me number of points against the firms but did not mention that why the firms were not blacklisted.
    i filed appeal "that the reason for not blacklisting the firms has not been mentioned"
    What should i do?

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    Re: first appeal

    if u send u r appeal by post then keep safelly recipet of speed post this is proof of u r posting. plz u wait for 30 or 35 days for ans . after that u can file u r second appeal
    How to File a Second Appeal under RTI? (For Central Public Authorities) - RTI Guide plz c this link its help ful for u r second appeal and complaint
    साक्ष्य पर कुछ गीद्ड़ो के एक शेर फ़िर मारा गया
    गण्तंत्र के इस तंत्र पर कुछ गुनगुनाइए
    या हाथ मे लेकर क़लम अब साथ आइए

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    Re: first appeal

    Please see Sec 19 (6) of the Act. It says that " 6. An appeal under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) shall be disposed of within thirty days of the receipt of the appeal or within such extended period not exceeding a total of forty-five days from the date of filing thereof, as the case may be, for reasons to be recorded in writing." Depending upon the nature of the info you wanted you can make a second appeal after 30 or 45 days as the case may be. Please give an additional margin of about a week or 10 days for postal delays. Please file an appeal unless the subject matter warrants a complaint. How to file second appeal is explained in detail in the blog of jps50 - How to File a Second Appeal under RTI? (For Central Public Authorities) - RTI Guide. Regarding the other case please provide the full details for opinion.


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