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Thread: can i question under RTI Act

  1. can i question under RTI Act

    Hi Forum,

    I understand that i can request for information under RTI, but i have a doubt here, Can i question the PIO like in this manner?

    why my file kept pending?
    On what reason my kept pending?
    How much time it will take to complete the status of my file?
    Present status of my file kept pending?
    Reason for file kept pending?


    Suresh Saragadam

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    rajendra bakre
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    Re: can i question under RTI Act


    Only one request (of the many you have suggested) "What is present status of my file" can be answered under RTI.

  3. Re: can i question under RTI Act

    Apart from asking information 'in the form of records' or any 'True Copies',

    How can i practically make use of RTI in order to get my work done.
    by what means I can exactly request or question the PIO on a pending file.
    What part of RTI can help me in this issue of file kept pending intentionally

    I am more concerned about practical RTI

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    C J Karira
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    Re: can i question under RTI Act

    You have something pending with a Government department.
    If yes, please see:
    Twitter: @cjkarira

  5. Re: can i question under RTI Act

    Thanks for the link,

    Note: For your guidance, please do refer decision dated 05-11-2009 of CENTRAL INFORMATIONCOMMISSION in F.No. CIC/AT/A/2009/000678
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  6. Re: can i question under RTI Act

    Here is the issue of pending registration of mine with Registrar,

    the file sent to RDO from Registrar,
    and from RDO to MRO
    from MRO to Dist Collector

    it all took 6 months with out reason

    Recently file reached Dist. Collector. misleading the info from RDO.

    I have all the true copies collected on this file, there is a lot of miss correspondence I figured out from there true copies.

    Now I am in a dilemma to which Authority I should write in implementing RTI
    Once I get my file done, I want to advance with a complaint on the miss correspondence and the delayed time.

    Before I write a letter under RTI I want know the best I can use it for.

    Help me with the Case here.


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