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Thread: How to know expenses of any Muncipal Corporation

  1. How to know expenses of any Muncipal Corporation

    Hi All,

    First of all I must congratulate ALL of you for sharing your knowledge and experience to "Educate" Indian people about their 'Right to information.

    I'm eager to know expenses of Municipal Corporation (MC) in which I'm residing. I do not need balance sheet which every MC publicize but I want to know how our hard earned money, which we paid to MC as a lot of taxes, are being flooded into ADVERTISEMENT by the politicians.
    I want so because I can see a lot of senseless advertisement by the MC in all the leading news paper of our city( offcourse which has photos of all their big NETAS).

    I want to highlight this issue that MC can use this money for other better purpose or for other needy people living in our city.

    Additionally I would like to confirm, can I make online request for RTI ?

    with best regards,

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    You cannot make an online request for RTI, since I am sure your MC would not have created any facility for the same. Before making a regular RTI application, I would suggest you to go through the All About RTI section in our home page and grasp the various nuances first.
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    Re: How to know expenses of any Muncipal Corporation


    Please read Sec 4(1)(b)(xi) of the RTI Act (Right to Information Act 2005).

    The information you are seeking (and even more than what you are seeking) has to be suo-motu disclosed under Sec 4.

    Has you MC done that on the website or notice board or not ?

    If No, then you can just walk in to your MC look for the PIO and ask him that "I want to inspect all documents related to Sec 4(1)(b)(xi) of the RTI Act".

    To inspect information which is to be suo motu disclosed under Sec 4, you do not even need to make a RTI application or pay any application fee or inspection fee.
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