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    Default about my college

    can i know the fee structure of my college???

    where they are using my security deposits??

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    Default Re: about my college

    Is you college a "Public Authority" under the RTI Act ?
    Is it a Government college or a aided college or a private college ?

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    Default Re: about my college

    hello and welcome
    on RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information plz be regular on this portal in fight of true freedom
    plz u simpally file rti to higher education or commissioner education and ask them it doesnt metter college is pvt govt or added otherwise u can file an application under rti at affileted university university will tell u
    साक्ष्य पर कुछ गीद्ड़ो के एक शेर फ़िर मारा गया
    गण्तंत्र के इस तंत्र पर कुछ गुनगुनाइए
    या हाथ मे लेकर क़लम अब साथ आइए


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