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Thread: Reisssue of Land Pattadar Passbook

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    Reisssue of Land Pattadar Passbook

    Hello Sir,

    Please Provide me with the right information here with regard to the lost/stolen Passbook by my uncles.Before bringing the actual Problem statement You need to know about the brief history of my problem.

    This dates back to 30 years even when I was not born then,My mother was away at her Parents home for delivery.My Father was an epileptic patient(Fits/Seizures).Once When he was hospitalised for fits, His own father (my Grand father)sedated him and got his signatures on a blank paper and cheated him of his property of around 8 acres of land.My father is elder son & has an younger brother who is a wicked fellow and he got all that property from my Grand Father.

    Knowing this,my mother was shocked and rand to my inlaws village along with some of the elderly people from her village and asked for justice but her efforts went invain. She was not allowed to stay at her inlaws home and was mistreated hence she came back to her parents home with me and my sister(elder to me).But my father didnít accompany us & continued to stay there only and fight with his father and brother for his share of property.But he was also mistreated and was tortured by his brother in his last days as he was asking continuously about his property.

    After few years my Grand father passed way. Once again after few years , my mother along with some of the Village elders approached my Grand ma ( Fatherís mother) and asked about our share of property.

    Unable to resist the offences from all people in the village , my grand mother promised that she will give two acres of land to my dad , but she did nít register the same towards him. She told like that and my babai(Fatherís brother) only is only reaping the harvest.
    Mean time , Govt.sent revenue Dept.people to check about the peopleís property in the village & issue them with Pattadar Pass books.
    My Father too was issued a passbook for those two acres of land and it was in the custody of my babai (Fatherís brother).The land tax was also paid on fatherís name for nearly ten years until 2001 when he passed away.

    Once again from 2001, my babai is paying the tax for this two acres of my fatherís land and reaping the harvest .

    As we were away (My mother was weak & I was away for my studies) and even when we went there we were not allowed to claim our two acres of land by my greedy babai .
    Recently my Grand mother expired on 26th Dec 2009. We went and asked our babai about my fatherís share & and requested him to atleast give that two acres of land which was promised grand mother.But he refused.

    Then I went to the VAO of the village and asked him About the tax information etc for the last twenty years.He revealed certain surprising facts
    1)He told he only issued the Pass Book to my Father and It was issued after revenue dept. Verification of property in the village when they collected data for 1B Record.

    As his name was there in the 1B record against those two acres of land, my babai cannít cultivate that land and has no rights he opined.But because of his muscle power, he is cultivating the land.

    But now I donít have the PassBook to say that this land is mine.My father passed away.When I approached the MRO office (Muppalla mandal of Guntur district) and asked them to look in to the same and issue a Duplicate ID card, they told we have burnt our ROR record and there was no proof to say that this land belonged to your father. So we cannít issue a passbook to you.

    My Query

    1) Canít I be issued a duplicate passbook for my property which the revenue Dept. has already gave long back and now saying there is no evidence to issue the same.(The old passbook was torn by my Babai in to bits & pieces)
    2) How unregistered properties will be inherited to the offspring as happened here in my fatherís case.(My Grand ma told that she will give Two acres of land to my father & the revenue people issued him a Passbook. VAO over here said that , on enquiry in village regarding who is cultivating which land , the data will be collected and based on this data , a passbook will be issued.
    3) Canít general Public have the access to ROR. Can any MRO office can burn their ROR records.

  2. Re: Reisssue of Land Pattadar Passbook

    hi brother
    write a letter to RDO, Dist Collector that ROR was burnt in the MRO OFiice..
    RTI ACT 2005
    you can check your ROR in(( ))

  3. Re: Reisssue of Land Pattadar Passbook

    Yes. Now, I understand that they are issuing fresh pattadar pass books, file an RTI application seeking procedure for obtaining fresh/duplicate pattadar pass book. Now pattadar pass book is being treated as Title deed for land record.


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