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    Default Passport - Police Verification

    This is with reference to my fresh passport application wide file No.MAHW12022310 on 18-01-2010.

    After almost a month when I didn’t here anything from the Local police for police verification I have started enquiring about my application and would thought that I share the replied I got from the various authority.

    Local Police Station (Bhayandar – West)

    Reply: - We have received the passport application till 29-01-2010 but your application is not there in the list please check with SP Office Thane they must have kept it with them.

    I have personally checked the entire bundle of the application lying at the police station but my application is missing,

    SP Office Thane

    Reply: - We have not received your application from passport office it must be somewhere at passport office only, please check with passport office.

    Passport Office Thane

    Reply: - We don’t have your application with us it has been sent to SP office Thane for Police Verification.

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    Default Re: Passport - Police Verification

    Pl file RTI application with CPIO of passport office, seeking copies of letter under which papers are sent to police and proof of mailing this letter. Pl refer:

    Central Govt appln:


    Once you get these details approach police dept.

    Following link will also be useful for passport delays:


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    Default Delay in passport enquiery

    Dear Sir,
    I had applied for new passport on 08.12.2009 and our file no. is DLH - H021613-09 ( VISHAL VERMA ) and DLH-H021614-09 ( PRADIP KUMAR MAHTO ). Our application is panding for want of POLICE REPORT in passport office But our Police enquiry have not come till date.

    I therefore, request you to kindly provide the details why our police enquiry has not come. Again I request you to kindly look into the matter and provide the detail in an earliest manner. Its very urgent .

    An early respose will be appriciated.

    Thanks and Regards,


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    Pradeep, we are only a discussion portal on RTI Act related issues and our members offer suggestions on various scenarios, thus helping each other. Here, we provide only guidance to obtain the details and not the details themselves.

    Please be guided by the links given in post # 2 of Shri jps50, especially the blog mentioned in the last line.

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