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  1. Question Gas Agency

    Here are some points I asked from a Gas Agency ..

    Please provide me following information related to Atwal gas agency, model town Shahkot (Fill in name and address of agency)
    1. What is total number of consumer connection provided by this agency?
    2. What is the normal period to supply Gas Cylinder by this agency?
    3. Please provide me name and address of the authorized owner of this agency.
    4. What action can be taken against this agency if it failed to provide gas cylinder in reasonable time?
    5. It has been observed that the agency is providing gas cylinder early to some selected consumers while delaying supply of cylinder in weeks to others. Where such complaints against this agency can be booked?
    6. Is the agency required to maintain a complaint book as per rule? If yes please provide me names and address of consumers who have lodged complaints in their complaint book during last 6 months.
    7. How frequently the complaint registers of this agency are inspected by your department?
    8. On which date the complaint register of this agency was last inspected and signed by IOL officer. Please also provide the name of officer who signed it.
    9. How many telephone line this agency has for booking of gas connection. Please provide all the telephone numbers of this agency.
    10. As per rule the agency should have a telephone line without “outgoing call facility” for booking of cylinders by the consumers. Please give me telephone number which this agency maintains for booking of cylinder.
    11. What action can be taken against this agency if it is found that it has intentionally engaged the telephone line to avoid booking of cylinder? Where should such complaints be reported?
    12. Does this agency has proper sitting arrangements, drinking water etc. for waiting customers?
    13. What action can be taken against this agency if it is not providing proper sitting arrangements and drinking water for the waiting customers? Please provide me copy of relevant rule/notification.
    14. What action can be taken against this agency if it is found that its domestic cylinders are being sold and used in Hotel/Restaurants/other commercial purposes.
    15. What are circumstances under which the distributorship of an agency can be terminated. Please provide me copy of the notification/order.
    16. Please provide me details of daily/weekly/monthly returns this agency has to forward to IOL.
    17. Please provide me details of accounts books this agency has to maintain.
    18. Please provide details of complaints the department has received against this agency during last one year.
    19. Was license of this agency was ever cancelled/suspended? If yes, please provide me details of the same.
    20. I want to inspect records of this agency under section 2(j)(i) of RTI Act. Please inform me suitable date and time on which the records can be inspected.

  2. Re: Gas Agency

    Dear Kamaljit

    1. What was the outcome ??

    2. Do u have any doubt related to RTI ??



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