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Thread: Mobile Insurance Claim settelment

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    Mobile Insurance Claim settelment


    Last year i lost my Sony mobile. The Mobile was under the insurance period.
    The Details for the Mobile are given below:

    Mobile : Sony.
    Insurance Company: Allegion Insurance broking Limited/The New India Assurance Co.LTD
    Mobile Shop: Univercell, Jaynagar,Bangalore.
    Invoice No: P.B.JN/10843
    FIR : Yes
    NTC : Yes

    I had sent all the documents in original to claim the insurance from the insurance company.

    After one month,I received a letter along with all the original Documents in support my Mobile theft,from the K.Rajkumar,Divisional Manager,The New India Assurance Co.LTD saying that :
    1.Complaint Letter acknowledge by Police is without any proper reason.
    2.NTC Not Available

    However,the above two reasons are not valid as i had attached the original copy of the complaint letter duly signed by the Police along with the NTC Certificate given to me by the Police.

    Pls Help!!

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Re: Mobile Insurance Claim settelment

    This is a consumer problem and you can be guided by:

    Consumer problem
    How to manage consumer problem - Big Helpers Community

    Consumer blogs:
    Big Helpers Community - Right To Justice

    It is advisable to personally meet the officer of Ins co to sort out the issue or take assistance of local NGO working for consumer protection. If nothing works, scale up your case to HO of the Company. Details are at website of the Co.
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