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Thread: Postal address of DOPT

  1. Postal address of DOPT

    I could not locate postal address of CPIOs in the website of DOPT. Can anybody help?

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    Re: Postal address of DOPT

    Dear Meteor,

    Though the website of DOPT does not show the postal address of the CPIOs but it clearly indicates their telephone numbers where you can call them and have their complete postal address. I am providing a link to the website for your convenience.

    ajay kr bahl

  3. Re: Postal address of DOPT

    Yes. That can be done. Are'nt the organisation supposed to provide such information in their website under proactive disclosure?

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    Re: Postal address of DOPT

    Dear Meteor,

    Yes, I do agree that the organisations are supposed to provide such info in their website. A lot more information is supposed to be provided by these organisations but they don't. Thats why RTI Act is there. You can include this question with your other questions while sending your application to the DOPT.

    Best wishes

    Ajay Kr Bahl

  5. Re: Postal address of DOPT

    Thanks Ajay

    - meteor


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