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Thread: Rule of non active Bank saving account

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    Rule of non active Bank saving account

    As per my knowledge, these should be atleast one transaction (either Withdrawl or deposit) in a financial year to protect saving account from Non Active a/c.

    Our's SBBJ bank's Branch (Rajakhera, Dholpur, Raj.) had deducted Rs150.0 as penalty from not depositing any money in a financial yr while transaction of money withdrawl was done in June 09.

    On asking with branch, they justify their decision as a RBI Rule without showing any document / advises from RBI.

    Is it right?

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    rajendra bakre
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    Re: Rule of non active Bank saving account

    Is the concerned bank a public sector undertaking? If so it is covered under RTI Act.

    Please file an application under RTI Act seeking the certified copies of the relevent rules/guidelines under which the deductions were made.

    If the bank is not covered under RTI Act file a complaint to Banking Ombudsman.

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    Re: Rule of non active Bank saving account

    SBBJ is nationalised bank it will have PIO
    file RTI get the reason for dedcution of Rs. 150/-
    get those rules which enabled the bank to deduct

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    Please refer:

    Central Govt appln:


    Bank problems:
    How to address problems with banks? - Big Helpers Community

    Under RTI you can ask for copy of circular, board approval for levy of such charges and relevant circular of RBI. I add that RBI does not specify exact amount of service charges but lays down its broad policy for such service charges. You can search Reserve Bank of India - India's Central Bank under notification or common person icon
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