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Thread: CIBIL- A big problem to get loans

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    CIBIL- A big problem to get loans


    I landed here through google when i googling about CIBIL, from last 10days i trying to get info on CIBIL, because i have submitted my apllication to New car loan with SBH, manager told that, "you are in CIBIL i can't process your application unless clearance from concerned credit card bank" & also she given me control no. which i have to mail CIBIL, so that they will provide me details of CC banks. last friday i mailed to " " got reply to get further personal info again i mailed with all my details, till date i have not received any mail from them, when i googling i came acroos several posts on CIBIL in different forums/blogs, i have not find single person who says " i am out of CIBIL, i got the loan", people[including me] are struggling to get details.

    I don't know what next?

    I think i will miss my dreams to have New car

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    Pl take out your report by visiting cibil website, where in you are to pay nearly Rs.150 to get your full report. If you were defaulter earlier, no bank will risk giving you loan, unless there was misreporting by your earlier bank, which you can clarify with that bank and get your report regularised with cibil. You can provide copy of cibil report and misreporting by earlier bank.
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    Re: CIBIL- A big problem to get loans

    SBH is nationalised bank file RTI to know what has come to them from cibil
    cibil has link Access Your CIBIL Credit Report which will give your CIR
    ask SBH for contract or all papers about cibil in SBH

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    Re: CIBIL- A big problem to get loans

    Quote Originally Posted by jj99 View Post
    SBH is nationalised bank file RTI to know what has come to them from cibil
    cibil has link Access Your CIBIL Credit Report which will give your CIR
    ask SBH for contract or all papers about cibil in SBH

    SBH manager logged in front of me to CIBIL & got info on "WRITTEN OFF" status to CC's, but it has not showned bank details, for which she has given me the Control no. of 9 digit with this i have to contact CIBIL, i have done the same, but No reply....

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    Were you defaulter to any bank in the past? Did you clear off outstanding by settlement [i.e. paid less than actual dues]? If this is the problem, then it would be difficult to clean cibil report.

    If you never defaulted, you get credit information report [CIR] from cibil as stated at post no. 2 and 3 above. The report will show all the details of cibil database and you can get it corrected by contacting the bank which reported you as defaulter. You can also move consumer court against the bank and claim compensation if bank has wrongly reported your name as defaulter to cibil.

    If your CIR is not adverse, you can supply its copy to your present bank and request them to sanction loan for car.
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    cibil reporting

    Hi,i had 3 credit cards which were cancelled in 2008. 2 of them were setteled and the balance 1 was paid in full.

    In Nov'09 i applied for home loan which was approved by Axix Bank. It had a validity of 90 days. I paid Rs 5500/- as the processing charges which were non refundable. Since the validity expired, i reapplied however same was rejected by the bank stating there are some issues with my credit report. there are 3 unpaid credit cards showing up in my a/c. As per the bank, these cards didnt show up in my previous credit report they requested in Nov'09 which i doubt, since i myself took out my cibil rating in oct'09 and these cards were there.

    In dec i bought a flat and paid the first 2 installments. Now i'm stuck since the 3rd installment is round the corner( may be in 2 weeks).

    What i need to know is...

    As per the RBI guidelines, bank needs to get the reporting corrected within 45 days from the payment. In this case its more than a year now. What should be my next step? How can i get the reporting corrected in such a short time for bank to approve my loan? What action can i take against the credit card companies for not following the RBI guidelines?Can i take action aganist the Axix Bank since they approved it earlier? Plse help.

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    Please be guided by the earlier posts here, especially post # 5 of Shri jps50.
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    What is the procedure to be removed from CIBIL


    Though we appreciate CIBIL. It only affects the regular payers. There are so many people who get loans and abscond.

    In my case, I have got 3 personal loans. I have been regular in the EMI payments. Recently, in the month of November i had concentrated on the investment part and so 2 of my EMI's got bounced with the HSBC personal loan. However i have fore-closed paying the whole amount without any dues.

    The second loan with HDFC I fore-closed last year and still have only one personal loan with 8 EMI's more. I have 2 credit cards and i am paying the EMI'sregularly. but recently, an Executive from Barclay Bank creditcard approached me that i have an due of 75,000/= with principle amt. 40,000/=.
    I told him that i am ready to pay the principle amount.

    My question is, will my name reflect in CIBIL as i am approaching HDFC for a Home loan (my salary is getting credited in this bank and i have cleared all the loans through check. i believe i have good track record). Will the Barclay card pending amount spoil my record in CIBIL. If i settle the credit card amount, will my name be released from CIBIL. Please clear my doubts.

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