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Thread: Co-operative housing society bandra mumbai

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    Co-operative housing society bandra mumbai

    Hi! I want to know the information of the co-operative society whether it is registered and who are its members and when it was registered all details. How to go about and which department should I write to?

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    Dear Mr. Sattar

    U can file RTI application with PIO of registrar officer for information which is available or can be made available. Please read this blog:

    Also refer:

    Mahrashtra RTI Rules - RTI Guide

    For detailed information on how to draft & file an RTI application, please see the "All About RTI" links on the homepage & RTI Guide section of the portal.


    How to make RTI application effective (by JPS Sir) :

    If you have any further doubts, please post them here and our members will be pleased to guide you further.


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    akash saraf
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    Re: Co-operative housing society bandra mumbai

    there is a negative impact on the procedure of getting the information(using RTI ACT) about cooperative societies which are registered under cooperative societies Act due to high court's(Nagpur bech) decision "such societies are not public authorities".( directly from society or indirectly from registrar of societies) Recently chief state information commissioner also quoted the 'same decision' in his order.
    there are more than 45,000 housing societies are registered in Maharashtra itself.I am not aware of whether any body approached to supreme court in this critical issue where the right of citizen can't be used.
    I suggest to Mr. Sattar first submit application to society under "sec. 32 of mah. societies act 1960".If within 15 days you are not getting the information ,complain to registrar and subsequently follow up filing RTI application to get "action taken report "from registrar on your complaint.

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    Re: Co-operative housing society bandra mumbai

    Hi Akash,

    You cannot file an RTI Application with the society itself but you can definitely approach the PIO, Registrar of Co-operative Societies in Mumbai. For city it is based at Malhotra House opposite GPO. For suburbs please find it out from the net. File for information on the concerned society and all its resolution. The Nagpur Bench's order does protect societies but not the Registrar. Go ahead take them. And mind you there is a tendency of claiming that the file is missing. Ask for it in writing. Then in your First/Second Appeal press for invoking Section 9 of the Public Records Act which provides for a five year sentence and/or 10K fine. Happy information seeking.

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    Dear Aakash,

    Ketan's analysis is correct, at the moment Co-operative Societies are directly not covered under the RTI Act, due to various High Court Judgments, but Registrar of Co-operative Societies are directly covered under the RTI Act.

    You may write an ordinary complain letter addressed to the Deputy Registrar, Co-operative Society and then after 7 days file a RTI application seeking a certified copy of the Action Taken Report of your complain dated XXXX

    For drafting RTI you may please go through this link

    For suburbs in Mumbai, the office earlier used to be in Malhotra House, but recently it has been shifted to Wadala.

    Mumbai city is divided into 24 wards, please find out the ward applicable to your society, for example my society is in Kandivali (E) and so the ward applicable to my society is R Ward.

    Following is the address for the Mumbai suburbs, but you may confirm whether you ward falls under the jurisdiction of this office:

    For Mumbai Suburb:

    Deputy Registrar’s Office,(PIO)
    XXXX(Your ward) – Ward,
    315, A/1 Building,
    3rd Floor,Truck Terminal,
    Near R.T.O. Office,Wadala (E),
    Mumbai -400 037.

    Tel: (022) - 2299 7002 / 3

    For Mumbai City:

    Deputy Registrar's Office(PIO)
    Malhotra House,
    6th Floor, Opp GPO,
    Fort, Mumbai - 400001

    Teli: (022)-22691094, 22618471

    For Thane:

    Deputy Registrar's Office(PIO),
    Wardhawat Mansion,
    Shivaji Path,
    Thane - 400 601.

    Tel: (022) - 2533 1486
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    Re: Co-operative housing society bandra mumbai

    Dear Mr. Akash,

    Could you please upload the copy of High Court (Nagapur bench) order in which it declared that the coop Housing Societies are not covered under RTI Act and also the reference of state chief information commissioner. Matter urgent please.

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    Address of The Dy. Registrar Coop. Hsg Society.

    What is the full postal address of the Dy. Registrar, Cooperative Housing Society
    of K/West,Ward.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Address of The Dy. Registrar Coop. Hsg Society.

    Quote Originally Posted by samarthavaibhav View Post
    What is the full postal address of the Dy. Registrar, Cooperative Housing Society
    of K/West,Ward.
    Read post # 5 above
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