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    Default Salary,Wage,ESI & PF Rule

    Dear all,

    i have some query about the labour law rules. Please give the answer.

    1.can a company hired a sr. Level employees on stipend basis.

    2 can a company save the esi,pf, ot and other benefit by showing the salary as stipend.

    3. Can a company show total salary as basic and da for escape from the esi,pf law.

    4. Can a company take the service more than 8 x 6 =48 hrs in a week without any overtime.

    5. Can a company charged for providing 3 time tea during the day and brunch after 6 pm from staff as canteen charges on compulsory basis even the employees not want to take this.

    6. Is it compulsory for a company to provide the medical facility those employees who is not covered under esi.

    7. Can a company make any rule that if the employees go before the office timing the full day salary will be deducted.

    8. Can a company terminate any employees without notice pay on ground that he is on stipend basis and they can terminate any time and they have not issued the appointment letter to him.

    Please confirm if any company is doing above and it is violating the labour law then what action can be taken against a company. Please if possible provide the case reference aslo.

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    Default Re: Salary,Wage,ESI & PF Rule

    Your query does not relate to RTI Act 2005 to which this portal is dedicated. You may post the same at Big Helpers.

    However for your benefit, please do visit ALL ABOUT RTI box and success stories on home page of existing portal.

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    Default Re: Salary,Wage,ESI & PF Rule

    You may file RTI request with labour commissioner of your state/ city demanding all the related information.

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