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    Default RTI format for information from RPO, Hyderabad

    RPO, Hyderabad has recently changed the Online Appointment process recently (December 30, 2009). Since the new process has been started it has become impossible to get an appointment using the website.

    The website always gives a message that there are no appointments available; please contact the Regional Passport Office.

    I would like to draft an RTI application to ascertain the following-

    1. The exact process to obtain an online appointment

    2. How many appointment slots are available for each working day?

    3. What time these appointments are released on each day?

    Any other questions that would bring out the truth about online appointments availability.

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    Default Re: RTI format for information from RPO, Hyderabad

    Also ask for:

    1. Name of software being used
    2. When was that appointment software installed
    3. Who is the vendor of that software
    4. Certified copies of the system analysis and design for the software
    5. Screen shots of the software to show how exactly it works step by step from the beginning till appointment is given
    6. What is the cost of the software
    7. Has complete payment been made to the vendor ? If yes, payment details of all installments paid
    8. Inspection of the process / works of the exact working of the software in the passport office
    9. Inspection of all files, records, documents, etc of c0rrespondance between RPO and the software developer for this particular software
    10, Names, address, designation , telephone numbers, mobile numbers, etc. of all officers who were involved in selecting and implementing this software

    Just draft a RTI application and you can upload here for further guidance by our members

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    Default Re: RTI format for information from RPO, Hyderabad

    Please refer:

    Central Govt appln:


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