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Thread: I need Std VIII - NTSE 2009 Answer Key from DSERT - Karnataka

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    I need Std VIII - NTSE 2009 Answer Key from DSERT - Karnataka

    Hi Community Member,

    Results for Karnataka VIII Std NTSE exam that was conducted on 09-Nov-09 has been declared yesterday. The scored marks total for my son is way below expectations even though he is in the rank list for 2nd round - National Exam. I approached local DSERT office requesting for Answer Key and answer sheet copy so that we can understand where we are going wrong in our analysis. Also we should be able to improve on the similar mistakes for National Exam.

    Is there any way RTI can help us in getting the Answer Copy for my son and standard Answer Key that must have been used for scoring the mark by DSERT.


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    Re: I need Std VIII - NTSE 2009 Answer Key from DSERT - Karnataka

    You can file a RTI application with the PIO of DSERT and ask for the answer key and answer sheet copy.

    Is that a Karnataka State Public Authority or is it under the central Government. Depending on under which government it comes under, follow the respective RTI Rules and fees (Karnataka or Central). These are available in the Guide segment of the portal: RTI Guide

    Read the other articles in the Guide segment as well as the links given under the "All about RTI" icon/tab, on the home page of the portal. These will b of help to you.
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    Re: I need Std VIII - NTSE 2009 Answer Key from DSERT - Karnataka

    When I approached to Director of DSERT, I was told Answer key as well as copy of Answer sheet (OMR Sheet) for the student can't be handed over as this is a competitive examination. On the top of it since the student is qualified for National level with the rank as per declared results, I was asked to focus on National Examination which is scheduled in May,10.

    I got the break up of the marks obtained in the 2 papers. SAT he got 72 on 90 which is exactly what has been expected by him. On getting the SAT paper he reanalyzed and said he made 18 mistakes. The score that I got after this evaluation is matching with expectations. In GMAT after getting the exam paper he reanalyzed and says he did 6 mistakes. Accordingly we are expecting 84 on 90. As per the marks communicated by DSERT for GMAT he scored 60 on 90 which is really shocking for him and difficult to digest.

    Purpose of the my exercise is - 1. Student should understand where he did mistakes so that the same are not repeated. 2. As per the marks communicated in GMAT over the expected marks his moral is very much down while studying for the national level.

    I have send the request letter under RTI act with Form A and Rs10/- IPO by registered Post and awaiting any written response from DSERT Bangalore.

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    Re: I need Std VIII - NTSE 2009 Answer Key from DSERT - Karnataka

    DSERT is pushing my request back saying Rank and Score doesn't matter. Having qualified for National level I should focus for the next exam instead of requesting the score details.

    I got the question paper checked from well known teacher for GMAT. As per self evaluation as well as evaluation from the teacher GMAT score should be 82 out of 90. I send the detailed mail to DSERT but they are pushing me back saying score and rank is not important.

    Current rank for my son is 25th with total marks as per published result on site as 132. However if I take the self estimated or privately evaluated marks for GMAT as 82 his total would stand 154 and rank would be 4th in the state.

    I sent the request under RTI format by registered A/D. Not sure will there be any justice on my request.


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