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Thread: How to pay for RTI fees

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    How to pay for RTI fees

    I am slightly confused by one thing . When I put in my application it has Rs 10 Court Fee attached [ in West Bengal ] ; but suppose my query is answered inside 2 weeks .. then how will I know ? Will they mail it to me ? And suppose the answer is 3 pages long then I am supposed to pay Rs 2 per page and some charge for searching [ I gleaned that fact from the rules etc ] but how do I pay that Rs 20 or so ?
    Means I am confused as to how to make the second payment after retrieveing the information ..

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    Dear Arijit,

    You are supposed to receive the reply from PIO withing 30 days from the receipt of your application.

    If you do not receive any reply from the PIO within 30 + 5 days for postal delay then you should file First Appeal with the First Appellate Authority.

    The amount of fees to be paid towards the cost of information should be informed to you by the PIO within the 30 day time period, also PIO should inform in that reply as to how you are supposed to make the payment i.e. banker's cheque, demand draft, cash at their office etc.

    I have copy/pasted section 7(3) of the RTI Act, 2005 which is relevant to your query:

    Section 7(3) Where a decision is taken to provide the information on payment of any further fee representing the cost of providing the information, the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall send an intimation to the person making the request, givingó

    (a) the details of further fees representing the cost of providing the information as determined by him, together with the calculations made
    to arrive at the amount in accordance with fee prescribed under sub-section (1), requesting him to deposit that fees, and the period intervening between the despatch of the said intimation and payment of fees shall be excluded for the purpose of calculating the period of thirty days referred to in that sub-section;

    (b) information concerning his or her right with respect to review the decision as to the amount of fees charged or the form of access provided, including the particulars of the appellate authority, time limit, process and any other forms.
    Do come back to the forum in case of any further doubts and our members would be happy to help you.
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