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Thread: Complaint Against my Employer

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    Complaint Against my Employer

    I want to complaint against my current employer regarding humiliation of every employee in the office. We are working at site 12 to 14 hour's daily & holiday but they are not giving over time money,even they are deducting Provident Fund from our salary but not depositing that amount in provident fund.We are very frustrated in this company.

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    Dear Mr. Thakur

    File a detailed written complaint with Labour office (Commissioner/Asst.Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner) and in case of no action in 30/45 days file RTI application seeking action taken report on your complaint.

    Please read : Utilitarian approach of RTI 2005 for details.


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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Complaint Against my Employer

    Don't you have any Trade Union Leaders in West Bengal ruled by leaders who believe in communist Party.?

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    Humiiation is an internal issue, it has to be sorted out with higher authorities, but if every department is being run as a feifdom, not much can be done, expect to complain to the CEO/ MD or Chairman of co.

    PF violation is a serious misconduct, you can complaint to PF Commissioner.

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    Employer not gioving salary slip and not depositing tax

    I am interested to show my income to income tax department & I want to fill IT return also, but my employer is not giving us our salary slip.Whenever we are asking for salary slip they are telling only single sentence that-why you are asking for salary slip, & if you have required salary slip urgently then you have to take a permission from our Managing Director. I can't understand why they are doing this type of behavior, I think they are doing cheat with Income tax department. Here I am giving one more information that, I came to know that they are not depositing that amount which amount are deducting from our salary as professional tax.

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    In West Bengal despite the communist party rule, the Marwari businessmen have exploited the working class. Despite being in communist rule for 37 years, most of the labour in West Bengal do not get Minimum Wages as guaranteed by the Act.

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    I have been working in a pvt ltd company since 2012. We have to do overtime frequently as manpower is limited. But our company didn't pay us full overtime. If my daily wage is rs500 and I do overtime for 8 hrs, my company pay only rs500 showing 4hrs work. Please suggest me what we can do?

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    Contact Labour inspector, and ask him to conduct raids and to book the employer, if he is not under hafta of your employer, and if you do not want your daily wage also. Search for alternate employment that suits you and lead a peaceful life.


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